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Closed from 5 Jan 2018 until further notice

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Public announcement 24 July 2018

Please note we are in the process of moving operations to the Caribbean and will notify clients as soon as we are back in production.

Unfortunately, our products are currently not available due to changes in laws relating to natural products. As from February 2018, we could no longer continue manufacturing in South Africa as the call-up timeline culminating end of 2019 has started affecting us.

We could not see any way to afford the millions it would cost to again jump through all the governmental hoops, including even having to register our cosmetic products as medicines. We had also experienced huge problems in importing our raw materials and exporting our finished products because of these new laws.

As a result we are in the process of relocating in order to serve our clients in the USA and Europe. Until public pressure forces the SA government and Medical Control Council (MCC now SAHPRA) to come to their senses, we will not be able to ship any products containing our base oils and flower oils, into South Africa.

We have tried since 2013 to oppose government and create public awareness at our own cost, but to no avail, and had to take this drastic step for our products to continue.

Keep an eye on our facebook pages for any new developments.

Kind regards


Healing Oil Products


Any queries over this time, please contact us via Facebook or Google.

All emails and telephone had been de-activated at this stage due to a proliferation in SPAM.




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Important message: Companies named Healing Oils (or similar) are NOT Healing Oil Products©. We do NOT sell oils containing cannabis, CBD or THC. Do your research before buying or phoning us.


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 Sharing Hope and Healing with the World

 Traditionally blended from plant oils, Healing Oil Products bring you affordable, natural

products for assistance in the accelerated restoration or alleviation of blemished skin.

 Healing Oil Products is a South African based company with clients World Wide.

 Axhilirit© and Rejuvinit© Traditional Natural Skin Products have been developed 

 to quickly alleviate skin conditions so you can live your life to the fullest.

We sell mainly through word of mouth so please tell a friend about us,

'like' us on Facebook or email us your experience with the products.



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