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Medical Marijuana Cannabis Oil

Medical Marijuana Cannabis Oil



3 August 2017 - News South Africa MCC Legal
To indicate how deep the Medical Control Council is burrowed up the dark and smelly parts of pharmaceutical companies, I share this newest bit of news. I can now also understand the stalling tactics used by the government legal teams in the news headline cannabis case now active in Pretoria. This new amendment is an attempt to short circuit both the legal process and place the use of cannabis/CBD containing products squarely in the hands of pharmaceutical companies, and those recently exposed as having already well-established growing facilities and export deals in place. This amendment would force anything containing cannabis, including hemp products, to be registered. I think now would be the time for a public investigation to be called as the coincidences are defying all odds of probability. This investigation should include documentation requested from the MCC on numerous occasions, and any financial links the MCC and those in the Department of Health etc. might have with pharmaceutical companies, and those now sweetly positioned to have a monopoly in the industry.
Traditional & Natural Health Alliance
Published by Anthony Rees · August 3 at 2:03pm ·
ACTION ALERT - SHARE WIDELY !!! We will be naive to think that this blatant pharmaceutical expropriation of an innocuous natural plant-based substance will stop with cannabidinol (CBD). This precident will trigger the wholesale pharmaceutical take-over and destruction of the natural health product industry.

Medical Cannabis News South Africa August 2017 reschedule status



4 August 2017 - Medical Cannabis reduces use of Pharmaceuticals

Please do not confuse the context in which this Forbes article uses the word "traditional", as they actually mean allopathic or "Western" medicine. And this is exactly the reason why pharmaceutical companies prompt governments to make it as difficult as possible to get hold of cannabis products for therapeutic use. During a FB conversation with a US based pharmacist working for a large retail group, and who can boast of being in the pharmacist trade for over 40 years, the pharmacist stated categorically that with proper research and use, cannabis can replace at least 50% of prescribed medication they stock.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/08/02/people-who-use-cannabis-cbd-products-stop-taking-traditional-medicines/#1d2eb65f2817Cannabis reduces use of Pharmaceuticals



Medical Cannabis Tikun Olam Israel Facebook Page






4 July 2017 - Greece Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Perhaps this could help bring back tourists in order to boost the economy? I do not see any other alternatives in an economy that has been in ICU for years. Make Greece the POT capital of the world and see them pay back all their EU loans in double time!


 Medical Cannabis Greece Legalizes July 2017




4 July 2017 - Cannabis for Pain

With deaths related to opioid addiction in the US reaching epidemic proportions, hopefully this will convince more governments to change their views. Unfortunately this kind of research has also unleashed a frenzy of activity across the globe with pharmaceutical companies trying to claim exclusivity to different therapies and molecules through patents related to cannabis, when the initial experience and development of cannabis products was done at great risk by others. Do not mistake my stance on the right of people to freely cultivate and use cannabis as medicine with using it for social enjoyment. My opposition comes from the attempt at biopiracy from an industry that actively sponsored the demonizing of probably the most versatile medicinal plant known to man, until their bag of synthetic chemical tricks started coming up empty or adverse reactions became more dangerous than the disease treated. The same colonization and biopiracy of other medicinal plants is already in process, with some countries slowly introducing laws that will limit free access to such plants to licence holders only, for example the South African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill. The rest of Africa will be following as the ARIPO Swakopmund Protocol came into force on May 11, 2015. http://www.aripo.org/news-events-publications/news/item/54-entry-into-force-of-the-aripo-swakopmund-protocol-on-the-protection-of-traditional-knowledge-and-expressions-of-folklore


Medical Cannabis versus Opioids for Pain Management







May 10 at 12:22am 2016 

This is fabulous news! Sadly I have lost some "friends" due to my stance on the use of cannabis oil for therapeutic purposes, and hope that news like this, combined with the medical studies that have been published as well as those still in progress, will at least encourage them to open their minds to new possibilities.

SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --…































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