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Seed Sovereignty



4 July 2017 - PETITION for seed sovereinty -


This matter relating to seed and plant registration has been out in the public eye for a while now although most media outlets have already removed their links to articles, and a petition against it has been shared on various social media forum, yet less than 400 people to date have bothered to sign it.
This bill has already been approved by parliament and is now in front of the House of Provinces. If this bill comes into effect, your little veggie patch in your back yard will basically be owned by whomever could afford to register those strains of seed, and you will no longer be able to harvest those seeds legally in order to pass it on. Jail time and fines may be issued. Tanzania is already suffering the consequences of similar laws designed to protect only the large seed growing companies. Heirloom seeds will be a thing of the past, and you will HAVE to buy whatever seed you wish to plant.

The very same concept is being exercised with the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill (IKS) that will place exclusive rights to medicinal plants in the hands of only those that can afford to licence them. It is time to take your heads out of the braai smoke, Brandy and Coke fumes, racial division Gupta emails and smell the corruption endemic in South Africa's political/corporate interactions and become involved.

Here are some links to educate yourself. 
Seed Sovereinty Petition

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

27 June 2017 - To see the impact of similar laws enacted in Tanzania, refer to the attached link (11 Feb 2017). It is time that people look outside their little microcosm called their comfort zone and make themselves heard. If not, how can you become indignant when you have to put up with the results, or find no assistance when your comfort zone is threatened? As much as you live in your little own world, everything that happens outside of it does have an impact.

Nature's Legacy - Organic Heirloom Seeds with Deon Brendan Wood 
URGENT!!!! - Time is ticking. I know we're all extremely busy as it is but we need serious Mass Action if we're going to be able to stop this insane law from passing.. Please sign the petition (Thank you Bruno Brincat) >>> https://www.change.org/p/ramasodim-daff-gov-za-…/c/653117158and read the information below in it's entirety and watch Rushka's video to see how else you can help. .
Thank you Rushka Johnson & all the amazing individuals and teams involved in this fight.... (I.E Vanessa Black Biowatch- African Centre for Biosafety - Seed Freedom Delwyn Pillay Green Peace so many more...)
Via Rushka - CALL TO ACTION - You asked what we can do - here it is. Please Help by sending emails to reinforce our points from the public hearings.
Start saving seeds!!!! Open pollinated, They will hopefully be excempt from some of these laws. (Not hybrids, or crossbreeds) -
Gather your movements, ideas, skills, connections, Family, friends together. If you have ideas. Share. All hands on deck.
Please please support and share this video.
Here is a summary of whats up with our Seeds in South Africa. Youve seen videos of hearings and snippets of info. This is a summary in simple terms from my perspective, of what some of the issues with the changes in the Bills are about and why we are making such a fuss about them AND our last chance to do something. NOW YOU CAN WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THIS.
Note that some of the changes that they have made are little better then they were before. Ie some excemptions for Open pollinated heirloom varities, thanks to places like Livingseeds.co.za who have been fighting the act. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY take the objections to the act, seriously and impliment them. Even so, Heirloom, Open pollinated variety seeds need even more freedom then the act is willing to give. FOR ALL PEOPLE and farmers, not just seed companies. They should not only be excempt but be able to sell seed in bulk and exchange as they will with reasonable regulations or none for those who don't wont to be controlled.
Please watch, read the summary info below and decide what in the bills you want changed. Send an email to addresses below before August to make sure that they hear us.
THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE to make sure that we don't get into a system where we will be ARRESTED for GIVING away our own seeds and under total control of the corporations like Monsanto. (The wording of the act leaves the possibility of corporate control wide open)
Find a summery with videos and pics of the hearings attended and people who spoke - http://seedfreedom.info/opposing-the-new-plant-breeders-plant-improvement-act-south-africa/
African Centre for Biodiversity wrote: The Plant Breeders’ Rights and Plant Improvement Bills restrict the saving, trading, exchanging, and sale of seed. This can have massive ramifications on seed and food sovereignty, agricultural biodiversity, access to diverse seed, and increasing the disparities and inequalities in South African agriculture, food and nutrition.
We urgently need to protect and preserve our food and seed sovereignty. It is in our best interests that we make our voices heard and retain what really is ours, which is the right to our food, the quality and control of our seed. Seed Sovereinty Petition What is happening in South Africa YouTube


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


25 June 2017 -

Land and seed laws under attack as Africa is groomed for corporate recolonization

Farmers in Tanzania are already feeling the effect, not being able to even sell heritage seed as only "licenced" seed may be sold, and the cost to have your seed licenced in Tanzania is around €24,000, which is more than most farmers not using GMO seed earn in a year.
Seed Sovereinty Corporate Recolonization
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
13 February 2017 - The jump from registered food crop seeds to registered medicinal GMO plant seeds
Just to confirm that I do not pander to conspiracy theories, but facts, here is the on-going saga in the US of the pharmaceutical industry to get their hands on the ownership rights to own patents on natural occurring molecules.
As I have indicated before, the South African government and its sponsors have created a brilliantly devious tool in the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill to circumvent restrictive patent laws in order to gain full and exclusive rights to indigenous knowledge on our plant species, but not restricted to plants.
The rest of Africa is also being threatened through the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO), and its 25 member countries, and the Arusha Protocol for the protection of new variety of plants. This has already placed Tanzanian farmers in the position of being jailed for 3 years and/or fined €225,000 for selling or trading unregistered(traditional wild type) seeds. At present only GMO seed companies could afford registering their seed in Tanzania.
The jump from registered food crop seeds to registered medicinal GMO plant seeds is but a pen stroke away. What is notable in the wording of many of these protocols, is that they insist that their rules and regulations should supersede the constitution of member countries. Lekker, ne?
This Forbes article indicates the push to relax patent law in the USA, and the funding to lobbyists. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrisversace/2015/08/18/patent-reform-should-not-bailout-big-drug-companies/#834124734207
Patent changes

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 11 February 2017 - GMO MONOPOLY - If by law you are given a choice between two options, of which the one option is beyond your financial ability, does that still count as having a choice?
As a prerequisite of joining the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN), Tanzania had to enact legislation in line with the UPOV 91-Convention concerning intellectual property rights on seeds as a condition for receiving development assistance. Under these laws, local farmers may only sell licenced seeds, meaning they have to foot the bill to have their own seeds patented. This law was originally instituted to protect GMO company interests, with the either unforeseen or planned result that the age old tradition of sharing, bartering and trading their seeds is now illegal.
Seed Sovereinty Tanzania traditional seed exchange
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