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10 July 2017 - Mumps in Hawaii
Despite Hawaii having one of the highest rate of vaccination for the MMR, the Department of health is careful to hide the fact that in most clusters the number of vaccinated people that have been identified with the mumps outnumber the unvaccinated 2 to 1. Yet Merck claim an efficacy of 98%. This same pattern is evident in all the other USA states where outbreaks have started recently, and in some the outbreak is under those that boast a 100% vaccination rate. It will be interesting to see what the result of the two whistle-blower court cases against Merck will be where they claim to have evidence of Merck rigging test results in order to safeguard their government contract. If Merck should lose these cases, the penalties payable to the US government will make the $3 Billion fine of GlaxoSmithKline look like a walk in the park. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/lawrence-solomon/merck-whistleblowers_b_5881914.html



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13 May 2016 - The number of mumps cases confirmed in the USA has reached between 500 and 700 for 2016, depending on whose statistics you are reading. Most of these cases have seemingly appeared in highly vaccinated populations at universities and colleges. What is surprising when reading CDC and government reports, is the fact that more than 95% of these cases had received their full set of vaccinations and should be immune or be able to take advantage of herd immunity. In most of these clusters, not one unvaccinated person had taken ill despite the number that should be susceptible. Even more surprising is how glaringly absent these facts are in the mainstream media and how quiet they have become from verbally pointing fingers at the unvaccinated. A case of serving your master, the dollar, perhaps?
Note July 2017 - The original article has been removed - luckily other blogs reposted it with the original wording. Thus here goes before it is missing again


Theory Used to Force Vaccination of Children is Not Always True




There is increasing pressure to force vaccinations on children, and increasing marketing of vaccines for adults, including pneumonia and shingles.

























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