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HPV Vaccine

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HPV Vaccine Articles




10 July 2017 - It seems that parents in Ireland are also seeing through the BS.

http://theliberal.ie/poll-results-heres-the-results-of-whether-our-readers-would-let-their-child-get-the-hpv-vaccine/ Vaccines - HPV Ireland Poll July 2017




"Furthermore, there is the suggestion of disproportional reporting of this pattern of symptomatology in reports after HPV vaccination compared with other vaccines in females 9–25 years of age. This disproportionality remained even when those countries reporting the signals of CRPS (Japan) and POTS (Denmark) were excluded." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5209415/


HPV Cluster Analysis NCBI July 2017



3 March 2017

Vir die Afrikaanse lesers, kommentaar oor die Netwerk24 Artikel geplaas 3 Maart 2017 - die kommentaar is 'n druppel in die emmer van wat aangaan. Maak asb ingeligte besluite vir uself en u kinders. Die vaksine is reeds in ander lande verban of word ernstig ondersoek.


Dit stem my tot kommer dat Prof Botha dit voorhou dat servikale kanker uitgewis kan word, en dat dit met 60% verminder kan word agv die MPV inenting. Tot op datum, tien jaar na die eerste gebruik van die inenting, is daar nog geen klieniese bewys dat een enkele geval van servikale kanker verhoed is nie of dat die inenting 'n vermindering van kankergevalle veroorsaak het. Wat die mees onlangse studies wel wys is dat die CIN gevalle verminder het, sowel as die MPV infeksie gevalle wat gedek is deur die MPV genusse in die vaksiene. Wat NIE aan mense meegedeel word nie wat in dieselfde studie voorkom  is dat die totale gevaarlike genusse MPV wat kanker kan veroorsaak fraksioneel gestyg het, wat aandui op genus vervanging. Volgens die Desember 2016 verslag van www.hpvcentre.net dek die entstof verskaf deur die staat net MPV 16 en 18, wat 3,2% van gevalle in Suid Afrika beslaan, wat beteken dat die oorgrote meerderheid van die gevaarlike tipe infeksies dominant in Suid Afrika nie gedek is nie, wat 11,5% beslaan. Wat ook problematies is, is die volgende: (1) Die vaksiene voubiljet stipuleer duidelik dat persone wat reeds sero-positief toets vir die virus tipe in die vaksiene, nie daarmee ingespuit mag word nie, en vir goeie rede. In die klieniese dokumente ingehandig vir goedkeuring by die FDA, dui die statistiek aan dat mense wat reeds sero-positief getoets het 44,6% groter kans het om servikale kanker te ontwikkel. Tot my kennis is daar nie een enkele kind getoets voordat die inenting toegedien is nie. (2) Verskeie lande soos Japan en Spanje het reeds hulle ondersteuning van die vaksiene onttrek. (3) Die aantal ernstige newe effek gevalle gerigestreer in die VSA, UK en EU oorskrei die totale gerigistreer vir alle ander inentings tesame op ‘n vergelykende ouderdom.

In dieselfde bogenoemde verslag is dit duidelik dat die PAP smeer toets regime in Suid Afrika veel te wense oorlaat, met net 19% van kwalifiserende vroue wat getoets word. Die aanbevelings is vir toetse vanaf die ouderdom van 30, vergelykend met westerse lande vanaf die ouderdom 24 en selfs jonger, waar hierdie toetse reeds ‘n afname van meer as 80% in servikale kanker sterftes veroorsaak het.


 Netwerk24 March 3 2017 entstof kan HPV uitwis




So sad to see another case, but the media seems to be taking note and not suppressing these stories any more. More medical professionals are also starting to make themselves heard and diagnosing and reporting the cases to the Reporting Systems in various countries. South Africa does not have such a system despite the roll-out in schools. Another point of concern is that the package inserts clearly state that this vaccine should not be administered if already sero-positive for the HPV strains contained in the vaccine, yet not one single child of the 1,2 million that have received the vaccine thus far had been pre-tested. As far as my experience stretches in communicating with parents where they have had this vaccine privately administered, not once has a sero test been advised by the administering nurse, pediatrician or gynecologist. The reason for the sero test? Pre-approval clinical trials submitted for licencing indicated an increase of 44,6% of cervical cancer in those that had already had infections of the vaccine strains.



Chloe Brookes-Holder, now 18, was a normal 12-year-old who danced six days a week and dreamed of a career on stage when she had the vaccination at her…




Just as predicted, the HPV vaccine is now in clinical trails and being tested on babies as young as 28 weeks, despite the adverse reaction reports in the UK, USA and EU indicating that there are more adverse events reported that are associated with this vaccine than the COMBINED total of all the other vaccines received in that age group.


Clinical Trials Register




A tragedy, and these coincidences are increasing. In the UK, where 87% of all eligible girls have had the HPV vaccine, the number of adverse events reported after the administering of this vaccine has exceeded the total number of adverse reactions reported FOR ALL THE OTHER VACCINES GIVEN FROM BIRTH TO AGE 14 COMBINED.



The family claim a doctor dismissed her condition was linked to the HPV vaccine jab and astonishingly even branded her a ‘lazy child’ before she was sent home



May 9 at 3:52pm · 
Now for the next step in order to introduce the controversial HPV Vaccine for babies, the application to study the efficacy of the vaccine in infants was filed in Hungary during 2013. This now explains the inclusion of the HPV 6 & 11 strains in the vaccine, which have no role in the causation of cervical cancer, but ARE linked to respiratory disease in infants, although no explanation for the inclusion was forthcoming for the past 10 years. Remember that the original approval for Gardasil was given in 2006. This makes you realize how long term the planning and spending on this product was, and why it was so aggressively marketed and protected in order to reach the ultimate purpose, administering it to babies. What really does not make sense in the Descriptive Information, the applicant, Merck, states that potential children to be enrolled into this study should have had at least 3 relapses in their patient history, and will be vaccinated at 0, 2 and 6 months. Exactly how does a newborn infant generate the qualifying history to be vaccinated at birth? Another point of concern, in the documents used for the original approval for the 4-valent HPV vaccine for cancer prevention, it clearly states that the vaccine is not indicated for a child/person that already tests sero positive for the 4 HPV strains contained in the vaccine as it does noting to improve or combat active infections. Why would this be any different with exactly the same vaccine now earmarked to be tested against HPV caused upper respiratory infections?
4-valent HPV Vaccine to Treat Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis in Children - Full Text View...
Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children caused by HPV 6,11 can be a life threatening condition resulting in surgical interventions. The maturing and disintegrating papillomas are the sources for the subsequent HPV relapses and immunization might slow down or even prevent this ongoing proces...






































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