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Zika Virus

Zika Virus


May 16 at 7:53pm 2016 
Amazing how quickly these scientists were able to develop a clone to this virus, taking into account that it only hit the headlines late last year in response to an outbreak in Brazil, and then connected it to additional medical problems despite the fact that for 70 years after its identification it remained a non entity. What makes this peer reviewed study that much more remarkable, is in the little time they had, if the panic of the outbreak triggered this research, they managed this feat of bio-engineering which included the development of creating the DNA in 4 shorter strands of which one was toxic to the medium it was grown in, combining the 4 strands to complete the DNA, developed another method of ensuring a high infection/retention rate in mosquitoes, bred at least two generations of mosquitoes to test the virus and transmission/retention method, and collated the data in time for submission and peer review in April of 2016.
A multidisciplinary team from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is the first in the world to genetically engineer a clone of the Zika virus strain, a…


 May 3 at 12:59am · Colombia Reports · 2016

 Someone, somewhere is trying to run a serious bullshit maneuver on the world public. Colombia has just released its latest Zika virus statistics, indicating a total of 72,000 new infections thus far this year, of which 13,000 occurred in pregnant females, with a total of 4 babies born with microcephaly. The WHO reports first indicated a monthly suspected rate of microcephaly in Colombia to be at 50 per month, then down to 33, and now a confirmed 4 cases in total in the first 16 weeks of 2016. Compare this to the number of Zika infections in Brazil, which is estimated at 91,000, with 4000 cases of microcephaly suspected and 144 thus far confirmed. Remember we are talking about the same viral vector, spread by the same two genus of mosquito, under a population consisting of roughly the same mix of indigenous and European ancestry, showing such a vast discrepancy in number of infants affected, and still the WHO, the CDC and the USA government refuse to investigate alternative causes.


Nearly 72,000 cases of Zika have been reported in Colombia since October, with almost 13,000 occurring in pregnant women, although the country is going through a decline in outbreaks, according…








































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