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Healing Oil Products is based in Cape Town with Clients in 35 countries. Order Online, request an order form via email, or visit one of our Selected Outlets.


Please note that prices are subject to material price increases and may change without prior notice.




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Eczema and Anti Ageing Healing Oil Products



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Compatibility Chart of Healing Oil Products

Compatibility Chart of Healing Oil Products  


NOTE: Interaction with Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products has not been established. As many clients start using Axhilirit and Rejuvinit while still using their current cosmetics, skin products and treatments, a list has been compiled from feedback from clients and beauty therapists regarding the general compatibility of products.


Ratings by clients and beauty therapists on the interaction between Healing Oil Products and other products:                                               

Very Good interaction *******

Good interaction ***

Okay to neutral interaction **

Use with caution *



Topical Steroid containing products *

Topical Cortisone containing products *   

Topical Corticosteroid containing products *      

Please refrain from using topical corticosteroids for at least a week before starting alternative products. 

Immuno Suppressive Products - DO NOT USE HEALING OIL PRODUCTS!                              

Warfarin/blood thinning products - Do not use ARNICA containing products such as Axhilirit Pain Therapy          


Moisturizer (Common)

Dischem Vitamin E Cream *******                               

E-45 *******                                

Vaseline Products *******                                 

Episone-E ***                    

Vitamin-E ***                   

Aqueous ***                      

Bennetts **             


Natural & Alternative

Aloe *******                                

Crede *******                                       

Herbazone ***                   

Silver Ions ***                   

O-Zone Steam Treatments ***                          

A. Vogel Creams ***                    

Thursday Plantation Creams and Lotions ***                          

Bee and Honey products ***                    

Solal topical products - No Feedback


Salon & Skincare

Saloncare Products (SA Local) ??? This company was sold early in 2016 and is no longer manufactured by Daren from Shield Enterprises. Use with caution.                                     

BioOil *******                             

Argan Oil *******                                   

Galvanic Treatments *******                             

The Body Shop ***                       

Rain ***                           

Just Pure ***                    

Africology ***                   

Meadowsweet ***                        

Rooibos (SA Manufactured) creams ***                        

Shizen **                

Re-new Dermatology treatments **         

Dermalogica **                 

Vitaderm **            

Justine **                

Environ * Not Compatible

Nimue - No Feedback        



Olay ***                           

Dr Hauschka * Not Compatible                          

Ponds **                 

Nivea ****                  

Garnier **              

Loreal **                

Estee Lauder ***                  

Revlon **                

Clinique **             

Johnsons **             

Avon - No Feedback 

Almay - No Feedback                                      

Rimmel - No Feedback

Clarence ***

Elizabeth Arden - No Feedback

Esse Probiotic Topical Skin-care products * Not Compatible 



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