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Salon Care - Spa Treatments - Therapist Use

Healing Oil Products in Salon Care - Spa Treatments - Therapist Use


Some Therapists that incorporates Healing Oil Products with their therapies 


Healing Oil Products has been found to enhance Salon Care and Complimentary treatments by using a few drops of either Axhilirit© or Rejuvinit©. 

Overall feedback from Beauty and Massage Therapists is that clients love their treatments and cannot wait to come back for more. 



Some therapists used to use the Rejuvinit Gold anti-angeing serum with their Galvanic and Dermaroller treatments.

Unfortunately, the results were of such potency that clients switched over to the Rejuvinit Gold only (maintenance of 2 drops a week) and did not give return business to the therapists. You are welcome to include Rejuvinit Gold into your treatments. Just be aware of the above fact.


(See Product Compatibility Chart on Blog Article)


Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil 

Our most popular Salon Care product 

- suitable for: 

Natural Nail and Cuticle enhancer 

General nail care 

Prevention and treatment of fungal infected nails under Gel or Acrylic tips 

Apply over nail varnish, gel or acrylic nail, no removal necessary 

Will not damage varnish, gel or acrylic nails 

Growing a good nail base for gel or acrylic nails 

Diabetic nails 

Management of ingrown or thickened toenails 


Rejuvinit© GOLD Anti-Ageing Serum 

- suitable for: 

Natural Botox Alternative 

Enhance other anti-ageing regimes 

Long lasting results 


Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil 

- suitable for: 

General skin rejuvenation 

Enhances beauty treatments 

Ideal for Relaxation and rejuvenating hand, foot or body massages 

Can be added to rejuvenating baths and foot spas 

Excellent for Acne Scars 


Axhilirit© Pain Gel or Balm 

- suitable for: 

Topical Pain relief and management 

Gel - non-greasy, quick absorbing for almost instant pain relief 

Balm - ideal for deep tissue massages 

Can be used with other massage oils 


Axhilirit© Oil 

 - suitable for: 

Detox / invigorating massages 

Detox / invigorating foot spa 

Reflexology lymph drainage 

Diabetic foot treatments 

Fungal infected feet 

Accidental salon burns 


Axhilirit© Ointment 

 - suitable for: 

Cracked skin 

Accidental salon burns 


Axhilirit© (Eczema) Moisturizing Oil and Cream 

 - suitable for: 

Application to Itchy, eczema-type areas on skin exposed to chemicals 

Axhilirit© Eczema Cream leaves a light, non-greasy protective layer on the skin 

Extremely dry and flaky skin 

Use moisturising oil in foot spa instead of Axhilirit© Oil if the client has dry skin 

Hyper-moisturising cream to apply after foot/hand treatments 


Nail Therapy, Podiatrists, Nail Technicians, Acrylic/Gel Nails 

Rejuvinit© Nail Oil has been developed in conjunction with an Acrylic/Gel Nail Technician. It is specifically developed to address fungal infection under Acrylic/Gel nails without damaging or having to remove the nails. 

If a client does not have a good nail base, three weeks of twice a day application of Rejuvinit© Nail Oil is advised to build a good base. 

Most Podiatrists who use Rejuvinit© Nails massage Nail oil into nails after treatments. 

Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle oil is suitable to stimulate nail growth, assisting in the management of ingrown toenails. 

Axhilirit© Healing Oil can be used for foot fungal infections and to enhance blood flow to feet affected by diabetes. Apply a few drops of oil to the affected area and massage into the feet. 

Axhilirit© Healing Ointment can be used for cracked heels. Apply after treatment. 


General Use by Therapists 

Rejuvinit© – Rejuvenation, Release of tension, for a sense of wellbeing 

Axhilirit© – Detoxing, pain release  


Aromatherapy - Massage Therapy - Therapeutic Massages - Stress and Pain Management 

Healing Oil Products are essentially Aromatology, enhanced with Essential Oils, i.e Essential Oil Blends.  

Due to the natural chemistry of our unique base oil, Rejuvinit© and Axhilirit© can only be mixed into Aromatherapy and Massage oilson demand, to be used immediately on a client. 

Massage therapists found that using a drop of Axhilirit© or Rejuvinit© on a particular painful or problematic area to be extremely beneficial for their clients. 

General guide is one or two drops to every 5ml of base oil. 

Alternatively, enhance therapeutic pain massages by using Axhilirit Pain Gel or Balm.   


Beauty Treatments, Anti-Aging Therapies, Beauty Salon, Spa 

Axhilirit© and Rejuvinit© products have been used successfully in enhancing beauty treatments, allowing other products to be drawn deeply into the skin, enhancing the rejuvenating process. 

Galvanic Treatments: lightly massage the areas to be treated with Rejuvinit© Gold Anti-Aging Serum or normal Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil. Treat as usual with the Galvanic Treatment. Results seem unbelievable and should be long-lasting. 

Beauty Regimes: Enhance normal beauty regimes with 2 drops of Rejuvinit© or Rejuvinit© Gold added to the treatment procedure. 

Anti-Ageing Serum: Rejuvinit© Gold may be used as a natural botox alternative. Add 2-4 drops to usual treatment. Results should be long-lasting especially with repeat treatments. A course is usually 3 months. Refer to Rejuvinit© Gold information for more detail. 


Sports Massages and Muscle Sprains 

Axhilirit© Healing Oil may accelerate the healing of new sprains, enabling sports people to return to training much quicker. 

Axhilirit© can be applied directly to the affected area, whether it is a muscle or an open wound. 

Muscle spasms and sprains may be treated with a combination of Axhilirit© Healing Oil and Pain Gel or Balm. 

The key to sports injuries is to treat them as soon as possible and clients have found it suitable to keep Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Pain Therapy Products on hand at all times for emergency management. 

Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel is an on-the-go application preferred by Athletes, Martial Arts, Rugby and Soccer clients, where theAxhilirit© Pain Therapy Balm is used for deep massages after a hard day of exercise. 

Triathlon clients have found that bathing in 10 drops of Axhilirit© Healing Oil assists with the speedy recovery of depleted and sore muscles. 


Private Nursing Practices, Midwifery 

Axhilirit© can be used for a wide range of application, providing an affordable alternative to expensive pharmaceuticals. 

Axhilirit© can be used for ‘last resort’ wound and ulcer care. 

Axhilirit© Healing Oil and Ointment is used mainly for comfort in aged patients especially with skin bruising, tearing and ulceration. 

Axhilirit© Healing Oil is used for general wound care as well as specialized aftercare including serious burns and diabetic ulcers. 

Axhilirit© Healing Oil is used for Post-natal care where mothers use it in conjunction with their zits baths to help alleviate swelling and speed up healing.



Healing Oil Products contain traces of Nuts.

NOT SUITABLE for people with hyper-sensitive skin or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, including pine derivatives, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oils and NUT containing products.

Do not use any REJUVINIT© containing products during Pregnancy.

Read the information on the products with care. If in doubt, contact your healthcare practitioner.

Although the ingredients have been traditionally used for thousands of years and had been researched over many years by ourselves, results vary amongst users. If a sensitivity response is experienced or if no improvement is seen within 7 days, discontinue use of the products and consult with a healthcare practitioner.

Aromatherapy Oils are absorbed through the skin and do not interfere with the working of alternative therapies, including homeopathic or other natural remedies.

Healing Oil Products are suitable for infants and children as long as they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients (Pine derivatives, essential oils, tea tree oil) or allergic to NUTS. Keep out of reach of children.

Interaction with pharmaceutical chemicals has not been established. Please consult with a Healthcare Practitioner if in doubt, or when using chronic medication.

Organ Transplant Patients should not use Healing Oil Productsas the oils may boost the immunity and thus negate the efficacy of immuno-suppressive drugs.

Alternative therapies usually have a detoxification effect on the body. This means that any area that has had recent treatment with Cortisone or Steroid containing products will first be detoxified before the natural properties in alternative therapies start working on the actual damage of the skin. Allow at least 7-10 days between the last treatment of cortisone/steroid products before starting natural therapies or using natural products.

Results vary amongst users, depending on severity of the skin blemish. In general, drastic results are evident within the first four days. Thereafter, usually between one and three months for enhancement.

A very small percentage (approximately 2%) of clients does not respond to Healing Oil Products.

The use of essential oils during pregnancy is not advisable.


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