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The Use and Abuse of Tea Tree Oil



The use and abuse of Tea Tree Oil

Most of us has used, will use or have been using Tea Tree Oil for one or the other medically related problem. In most cases people would use it in its pure form or put just a few drops in water, cream or other carrier that we find at hand. But do we know how Tea Tree Oil works?

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How Tea Tree Oil works - Important!

Tea Tree Oil destroys the permeability barrier of a cell causing the loss of chemiosmotic control. This is the ability of a cell membrane to selectively allow the passing through of chemicals and nutrients that the cell needs to function normally. The result is that the cell dies. It also seems that the faster the cell replication rate is, the faster the effect of Tea Tree Oil.

What this means in effect is that microbial cells like bacteria, algae and fungi that replicate fast are quickly affected. To have a negative effect on our body, microbial cells have to be present in vast numbers, which is prevented as the microbes die off with the use of Tea Tree.

This, however does not mean that we can willy nilly use Tea Tree Oil in its pure form as our body also consists of cells that have cell walls sensitive to the oil. When used in its pure form over an extended period of time, the cells in the affected area will also die off just like the microbes. It is for this reason that it has been found that Tea Tree Oil is most effectively used in a 5% solution in gel, water or other suitable carrier. It is seldom that any information pamphlet accompanies your purchase of Tea Tree Oil, so next time ask for it or do your research. Remember - Too much of a good thing can be bad for you!

This was most graphically brought to our attention when a client approached us for help with her son that had demonstrated an "allergy" to Tea Tree after 2 weeks of undiluted application to treat infection and swelling in his legs. Now the skin was coming off in sheets! As I had extensively researched Tea Tree before adding it to our products and knew about the above information, I was horrified, but not surprised at the result. Using Axhilirit Healing Oil with the correct amount of Tea Tree already added solved the problem within 2 weeks.

What I have also noted when a client has demonstrated an "allergic" reaction to pure Tea Tree, is that in some cases it was because of over use or inappropriate use of the oil in its pure form. This CAN lead to an allergy developing, just like a person being stung by bees for years, to one day start showing a spontaneous allergic reaction.

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