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What to use for Periorbital - Perioral dermatitis

Axhilirit© Eczema Products used for Periorbital - Perioral dermatitis (eczema around the mouth)


Thank you to our client for sharing photos of her condition with us. She had been suffering with Periorbital Dermatitis for many years and has tried, as she perceives it, every medication, potion or lotion possible with no result, some products actually making the problem worse. A friend (a true friend in need is a true friend indeed!) gave her a bottle of Axhilirit Eczema Oil to try, with the photos showing the result after using the Axhilirit Eczema Oil for three weeks.


Axhilirit Eczema used for Periorbital Dermatitis before treatment   Axhilirit Eczema used for Periorbital Dermatitis photo after 3 weeks


What is Periorbital / Perioral Dermatitis?

This skin condition is identifiable by a rash consisting of small bumps (1-2mm) that form around the mouth, nostrils, eyes or on the forehead with the skin slightly reddened by a low-grade inflammation. This condition is normally found in women between the ages of 20-45, but may also affect children, men and the elderly. Other symptoms include a burning or stinging sensation, but no itching.

The exact cause of this condition is unknown, but it has been found in many cases that the symptoms appear after the use of topical steroid creams on the face to treat an unrelated condition. Other facial creams, soaps or facial products may also trigger the condition.


Treatment as advised by Health Care Practitioners:

Discontinue use of any steroid containing products that are topically applied.

In severe cases a 6-12 week course of antibiotics is prescribed.


Try Axhilirit© Eczema Products (we have small packaging sizes available)


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