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What to use for Eczema - Tanna's Axhilirit Eczema Story



Tanna’s Axhilirit Eczema story

My 18 year old daughter came back from a weekend away about two years ago with little blisters on her fingers.   The GP said it looked as if she had been bitten by bed bugs and gave her medication which did not help.  Within a few days she had blisters on her feet…. And so the eczema journey began.

I have literally spent thousands and thousands of Rands on various attempts to help her.  These include:

$1·         Four different types of cortisone creams and other creams from the doctor

$1·         A series of visits to a dietician to assess her reaction to various foods

$1·         Four months of weekly visits to a doctor for acupuncture

$1·         Visits to and natural medications from an iridologist

$1·         Visits to a doctor practicing in homeopathy

$1·         And when her blisters were so bad under her feet that she could not walk, visits to the GP for cortisone shots.

All of the above seemed to make a slight improvement, but only for a few weeks and then we were back to square one.

My husband found the Natural-oils website while trying to research ways of controlling eczema.

The final crunch came in July this year, just after her June/July exams.  She is a very contentious student and stresses a lot at exam time which makes her eczema worse.  This time, it came out on her hands, feet and face.  She refused to go to school. I ordered the Axhilirit Eczema Cream and this product has been the most successful of all my attempts to help her.  I wanted to share the following photo’s with you to show you how it worked.

Pic 1 was taken on 13 August 2013, (the day my order arrived) before any Axhilirit Eczema Cream was applied. You can see that her face was inflamed.

Pic 2 was taken on 14 August 2013, 24 hours after the first application of the Axhilirit Eczema Cream

Pic 3 was taken on 15 August 2013, 2 days of Axhilirit Eczema Cream applications

Pic 4 was taken on 19 August 2013, after 6 days of Axhilirit Eczema Cream applications

Tanna has continued to use the Axhilirit Eczema cream and we are so grateful, she has just finished writing her matric finals AND the dreaded stress related part of her eczema outbreaks was kept at bay.

Thank you for this truly amazing product!

Varinia van Niekerk

Received via Email: 18 December 2013, East London, South Africa

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