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Fungal Infection under Acrylic and Gel Nails


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What can I use for Fungal infections under Acrylic or Gel nails?

Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil
Developed in conjunction with a nail technician, Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil permeates deeply into nails and cuticles, restoring and nourishing cells.
Conditions, moisturizes, nourishes and restores nails and cuticles to a naturally beautiful condition.
As with all Healing Oil Products, a little bit goes a long way. Most severe conditions require 2-3 bottles of oil only.
Fungal Infections:
Rejuvinit©Nail & Cuticle Oil is suitable to use for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections of nails and toenails.
Apply liberally over affected nail making sure to incorporate the cuticles.
Apply oil between fingertip (or toetip) and nail as well.
Start with twice a day application for at least 2 weeks, toning down to once a day application depending on severity of fungus.
For best results, allow oil to dry naturally.
Do not panic if the nail turns black, brown, green, or yellow - it is just the fungus dying off. If unsightly, cover with nail polish and continue with treatments as usual.
It is advised to continue with treatment until the nail had grown out from root to tip to make sure all spores had been killed.
Regrowth of Nails from Root to Tip:
Fingernails require 4 to 6 months to regrow completely.
Toenails require 12 to 18 moths to regrow completely.
Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil increases the growth rate of nails considerably.
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Note: The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. The relevant information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience and feedback from clients. Contact a healthcare practitioner if fungal-type symptoms persist.


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