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#Cams 01 - African Medicines Agency to Regulate CAM & African Traditional Medicines

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#CAMS #IKSBill #AfricanMedicinesHarmonisation #NaturalMedicine
11 July 2017 -

The groundwork for this was laid in Canada, where an estimated 40'000 natural medicines have disappeared from shelves, forcing Canadians to travel to the USA or order online to obtain similar products.

South Africa is the launching country for Africa, and New Zealand for the Pacific Rim. Combine this with legislation that enforces the licencing of traditional medicinal knowledge, and proposed laws on prohibiting the sale of unlicensed seed, and our dependence on corporations for food and medicine is complete. These are facts, people, not conspiracy theory.

You will have already experienced the shrinking selection of natural medicines available in your local pharmacy, and calls from Andy Gray from the University of KZN to set up a squealer forum for pharmacists to snitch on each other relating to complimentary and alternative products will just make it worse. 
By the way, at present the same person sits on the board that does the approval of medicines, both natural and synthetic. He also is a member of several WHO panels and councils. 
Guess which modality he prefers no matter that there is a constant stream of scandals surrounding it, from the falsified science right through to the point of sale and tens of billions in criminal and civil fines, never-mind the related deaths. 
What are the odds of receiving an unbiased judgement or opinion, taking into account the ethics the industry has displayed thus far?



Traditional & Natural Health Alliance

Published by Anthony Rees · 11 July 2017

AFRICAN MEDICINES REGULATORY HARMONISATION - The TNHA have been monitoring the setting up of the anticipated African Medicines Agency since 2014 and have been correct in predicting that it is a clone of the European Medicines Agency, funded by globalists, and intended to strip individual African countries of their own sovereign law-making in the pharmaceutical sector. It paves the way for the rapid expansion of the U.S and European pharmaceutical industry in Africa, and the continental eradication of traditional and natural health products under a thicket of regulations. The highly restrictive EU licensing and compliance regulations for traditional and natural health products has caused major havoc for the EU health product industry. Similar regulations imposed by the AMA will cut the African traditional and natural health product industry off at the legs and severely restrict the public's access to these products. It is estimated that between 65-70% of Africans utilise traditional health products before seeking pharmaceutical drugs. This is a cultural trade barrier the AMA has been set up to destroy by Big Pharma interest groups.

It is speculated that South Africa will host this new Pan-African Regulatory Agency, in the same fashion the UK hosts the EU Medicines Agency. The new South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), which replaces the Medicines Control Council, could house the headquarters of this Pan-African agency.

There is no coincidence that the Medicines And Related Substances Amendment Act of December 2015 and the African Model Law on Medical Products Regulations ratified in Addis Ababa in January 2016 have the same harmonised text.





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