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#Cams 2015-01 - South Africa: Parliament Adopts Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill

Latest News: 

8 January 2015 - Latest News


It is with optimism that we would like to notify Healing Oil Product clients that the definition of 'Natural Medicines' has been officially deleted from the new laws regulating medicines, hopefully ending three years of uncertainty and turmoil in the complementary and alternative health industry. 


You may expect a slow re-introduction of natural medicines back onto the shelves from companies that have survived this onslaught, be it very few, as many have simply closed down, whereas the larger, more lucrative companies, have been baught over by mainstream pharmaceutical companies.


We have been informed that we are one of only a handful of companies in our market segment that has managed to stay independent and will strive to continue doing so.





South Africa: Parliament Adopts Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill

The Press Release states that the Committee adopted the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill (B6D-2014) after 'deliberations and considerations'.

The Bill will now be forwarded to the National Council of Provinces. All provincial delegations voted in favour of the Amendment Bill.



Opinion Piece: 

Ronald Gibson: "So in effect say goodbye to all CAMs products and services not owned or controlled by pharmaceutical companies and the new South African Health Product Regulatory Authority.

   Ironically correctly prescribed and ingested pharmaceuticals were responsible for in excess of 100 000 deaths in the USA during 2014 alone(US Dpt of Health statistics), whereas not ONE death has been recorded to have been caused by Complimentary and Alternative medicines. Make that for the past 100 years in the case of CAMs.

   This means another 50 000 plus jobs and related dependents becoming part of the unemployed, with companies already withdrawing from South Africa or closing down.

   And if you think that you will not be affected, think again.

   With a sweep of a pen your favorite cosmetic might just have become a medicine. As an example, if you use any essential oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, baking powder, honey, peroxide, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onions or cayenne pepper for health reasons, your mere medical use of these products will induce a classification of the product being a medicine.

   In this way walnuts, almonds and some berry types have been declared a medicine in the USA.

   The apathy of the South African public is shocking when looking at how easily they allow their rights to be eroded.

   The SA students have just won a small victory in slowing down the increase of tuition at Universities while providing a distraction for these laws to be squirreled through, but this pales in comparison to the damage that the implementation of the new Medicines and Related Amendment Bill will cause.

   So when shopping around for natural products when medication fails, and being turned away by statements from the sales people that the products are no longer being manufactured or sold in South Africa and you look for someone to blame, if you did not sign the petition against these laws or did not participate in objecting against it, you only have yourself to blame.

   The other domino effect has already started manifesting; the rapid increase of the price of medication and natural products owned by pharmaceutical companies.

   Please go have a look who now owns the "Grandfather" products like Lennons, Germolene (Aspen Pharmaceuticals), all Pharma Natura products like Herbaforce and Tonzolyt (Ascendis Health), Solal sold out to Ascendis Health.

   Do you NOW understand the recent surge of advertising on television where these companies have started boosting their images of being "natural" and "caring for nature" despite all the rubbish in their products?"



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