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#Cams 2017-06-18 Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Professions or Modalities


Ronald Gibson (18 June 2017): This document, unfortunately not a short read, explains why an institution like the new SAHPRA, and regulations like our Medicines Control Act, is ill equipped and unsuitable to regulate Complimentary and Alternative Modalities. In short, the blinkered mainstream system of medicines mostly looks at the diagnoses and treatment of disease or lack of health as little compartments to be addressed individually by individual chemicals, whereas the CAMs modality addresses the whole of an intricately linked system with bio-compatible substances and methodologies, thus treating the cause and not the symptoms. Due to everybody being a distinct individual, such an approach cannot be standardized and categorized to fit inside the little boxes that pharmaceutics allow for, least of all the boxes marked "patentable" and "fat profits."


Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Professions or Modalities?

Policy Implications for Coverage, Licensure, Scope of Practice, Institutional Privileges, and Research

"This report examines a problem that confronts the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions whereby a profession is defined politically not by its full professional scope but by its treatment modalities. Even when CAM disciplines are defined by legal statutes as broad-based professions, this designation is not honored by such codes as the policies of insurance coverage. This project consisted of three parts: development of a background paper on the policy issues associated with the scope of practice and utilization of CAM practitioners in the health care system, input from a panel of CAM experts, and input from a panel of health care policy decisionmakers. With the increasing utilization of CAM by the public and the increasing consideration of CAM in all aspects of health policy, this report serves as a valuable reference document to aid in policymaking in terms of the challenges associated with coverage, licensure, scope of practice, institutional privileges, and research."




Download the ebook for free here: https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR1200/RR1258/RAND_RR1258.pdf


If this ebook should no longer be available, kindly contact us for a copy.




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