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#TNHA - Traditional & Natural Health Alliance (Nov 2016)

TNHA for Natural Health
Traditional & Natural Health Alliance

 Stop the pharmaceutical expropriation of natural health! Support the TNHA by becoming a member today: http://www.tnha.co.za/become-a-member-now/ 



Ronald Gibson: A brilliant article that will hopefully shock the Natural Health trade into pooling their resources in not just standing against these attempts at making us go away, but in constructively assisting the South African Government in finding an equitable solution that will benefit all the stakeholders, with emphasis placed on the sustained health of end-user, and not just disease management.

TNHA REGULATORY BULLETIN - This article summarises the current regulatory crisis the Natural Health Product industry faces in South Africa. We also unveil the framework for our own legislative instrument to avert this crisis. The TNHA believe that the only way to prevent the total collapse of the Natural Health Product industry and to stop the pharmaceutical expropriation of the sector will be to pass a new Traditional & Natural Health Products Act, which will unambiguously separate NHPs from pharmaceutical drugs, and will create a new autonomous Regulatory Authority which will regulate their safety, quality and health claims. 




Not only are the TNHA fighting for your continued access to Natural Health Products (NHPs) with our local medicines regulator, but we are also continuing to monitor emerging regional and international harmonisation threats which will limit our access though multinational agreements signed between conspiring drug regulators. The TNHA is currently working with a group of newly aligned health freedom organisations across the globe to put a stop to these unconstitutional attempts to create a restrictive global regulatory regime for natural health products. 





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