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Acne and Scarring





Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© and Rejuvinit© Healing Oil Products




 H Gibson - Author - Chronicles of Han StormBurn Survivor

Burn Survivor, H Gibson. Rejuvinit© played an integral part in their healing. Photo taken 2013.






1-2015 10ml Rejuvinit Beauty Oil 10ml - web 

Tasia Alyssa JacksonreviewedHealing Oil Products5 star

September 15 at 9:04am·

Recently used the Beauty oil , and beauty bar. I can honestly say this product has done more for me than any other Product. I have spent thousands of Rands on expensive well known brands and seen no improvement, with my beauty oil I saw improvement in as little as 7 days. I will definitely use this product again and I highly recommend it.


1-2015 10ml Rejuvinit Beauty Oil 10ml - web

Thembi MatshinyereviewedHealing Oil Products5 star

August 15 at 7:44pm·

Recently got my hands on the Beauty Oil- for a completely different reason. Somehow ended up using it on my face. And I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. Now I'm out and I cannot wait to buy more. This time I'll try go for the bigger bottle.



Scar Treatment with Rejuvinit Beauty Oil

Good Day. I am 29 years old with extremely bad acne scars and problematic skin. I can say that I have tried almost every product there is on the market.

When I started using the Healing Oil products, there was a visible difference in my skin and everybody seemed to take notice of it.

My scars were lighter, my skin was brighter, I gained more self-confidence. I started using the oil on my stretchmarks as well and it has made so much of difference to how I look now. It really is such an extremely useful product. Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Andrea Aroomoogam, Centurion, Via Email: Thursday, October 03, 2013


Rejuvinit Beauty OilRejuvinit Beauty Oil - Girl Trouble

Rejuvinit sorted out my girl trouble. I have no more heavy periods or pimples. I tell my friends about this product when they want to know how I keep my skin looking so good. Sam, Cape Town, 20 April 2013 


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream:

Paid up all my beauty accounts with what I have saved using Rejuvinit Products. Thank you Healing Oils, now I have extra money to have fun with.

Model (Name withheld), Observatory, Nov 2010 



Mail from Australia : I call your oil “Angel Juice” as it is really stunning. A friend of mine is coming over from Australia and I need you to send 10 bottles of Rejuvinit and 5 bottles of Axhilirit back with her. Mail No 2: Your Angel Juice is amazing. On my Facebook photos you will see the difference that your oil has made in two months. My son’s acne has also cleared up. When it flares up again the condition is much better after only one application.My husband applies it to his bald head and he now has fine hairs starting to grow. His warts are also almost gone. A friend of mine that has eczema also has had amazing results.

Michelle – Australia, 2010 


Acne (infected, pustulated zits) I am a brick worker on a building site and started using Healing Ointment on my face and hands to help with dry skin caused by cement. Inside a week all the acne on my face had disappeared. I have had acne problems for a few years now. I am happy with the product. Joseph Mokete Chake, Great Brak River, 2009 


Acne (Adult) Leigh, St Pauls Primary in George, applied Rejuvinit to her and her cousin’s acne. Within 5 days the acne had cleared up. She also applied the oil to skin blemishes on her fiancé’s face, causing the blemishes to fade. 2009



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