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Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© ECZEMA Oil and Cream Products

H Gibson - Author - Chronicles of Han Storm Burn & Eczema Survivor

Burn Survivor, H Gibson's life long eczema is under control with regular use of Axhilirit© Eczema Oil and Cream.


 00 - Feedback - Axhililirit E - Eczema product - best eczema treatment - blog 1 - Axhilirit E Eczema Best treatment product feedback image South Africa 1 - Axhilirit E Eczema Best treatment product feedback image South Africa Cape Town day 1 to 5


1 - Axhilirit E Eczema for all types of eczema prone skin treatment product feedback South Africa


1 - Axhilirit E Eczema for all types of eczema treatment product Health consultant Opinion South Africa



Axhilirit Eczema Oil and Perioral Dermatitis

Featured Article: Axhilirit© Eczema Oil used for treatment in Perioral Dermatitis




Icon Axhilirit Eczema CreamEczema Skin like Sandpaper

"My susterskind is gebore met ekseem wat haar vel soos skuurpapier laat lyk en voel. Toe ek Axhiliri Ekseemroom ontdek het vir 'n kroniese jeuktoestand en sien hoe goed dit op my vel werk het ek dit vir my suster aanbeveel. Die ekseemroom het so goed gewerk dat die kind nou 'n pragtige, gladde en normale vel het. Sy hoef ook glad nie meer die room te gebruik nie en is nou ekseemvry vir meer as a jaar." -Cornel Vermeulen, Somerset West, April 2014

Translation: My niece was born with eczema that made her skin look and feel like sandpaper. After trying the Axhilirit Eczema Cream on myself for an itchy skin condition, I realized that it might help her as well. The Axhilirit eczema cream worked so well that she now has a smooth, normal skin. She also do not need to use the product any longer and has been flare-up free for more than a year. -Cornel Vermeulen, Somerset West, April 2014

Icon Axhilirit Eczema Oil Front PageEkseem opgeklaar / Eczema did not return

"In 2012 het ek 'n botteltjie Axhilirit ekseemolie vir een van my familielede gekry wat haar ekseem opgeklaar het. Sy het nog nie weer 'n probleem ondervind nie." -Mnr Kiewit Mhlongo, Stellenbosch, Januarie 2014

Translation: In 2012 I bough a bottle of Axhiliit Eczema Oil for one of my family members. It cleared her eczema. She has not yet had another bout of eczema. -Mr Kiewit Mhlongo, Stellenbosch, January 2014

 Axhilirit Eczema Cream and Oil

Good morning.
Thank you for an amazing product.
Adrienne Louw, Langebaan

Received via email, 30 December 2013

Tanna's Axhilirit Eczema Cream Story

(Read rest of Tanna's story under BLOG)

Tannas Axhilirit Eczema story photos allMy 18 year old daughter came back from a weekend away about two years ago with little blisters on her fingers.   The GP said it looked as if she had been bitten by bed bugs and gave her medication which did not help.  Within a few days she had blisters on her feet…. And so the eczema journey began.

I have literally spent thousands and thousands of Rands on various attempts to help her. 

Tanna has continued to use the Axhilirit Eczema cream and we are so grateful, she has just finished writing her matric finals AND the dreaded stress related part of her eczema outbreaks was kept at bay.

Thank you for this truly amazing product!

Varinia van Niekerk

Received via Email: 18 December 2013, East London, South Africa


Axhilirit Eczema Cream for baby

Have used Axhilirit Eczema Cream on my baby who was born with eczema after having tried so many doctors then after some research i found out about healing oil, how i hesitated to try but told myself that if i want my baby not to suffer the best i can do was just to give it a try. Its less than a month since i started applying the cream but hey its doing wonders, will not hesitate to pass on the message to others who are suffering from this ailment to just give it a try you can be resurrected from the suffering.Thank you healing oil keep on doing the good work

Sharon Buranga Pasipamire, Via Facebook: September 20 at 11:01am

Axhilirit Eczema Products in Durban area

Hi Ronald,

The customers are very happy with the product and you can be proud of producing such a good range. All the best and please keep up the good work for us. Russell

Peoples Pharmacy, 2 Knowles Centre, Bamboo Road, Pinetown, Durban

031 701 4455

Via Email: 19 August 2013


Axhilirit Eczema Cream

Ek gebruik die Axhilirit Eczema cream vir ekseem wat ek op my bene en arms is. Die produk werk regtig. Ek gebruik dit nou vir 5dae. My ekseem is weg. Dit is nog net die vlekke wat op my bene en arms is. Regtig niks meer 'n gekrapery nie. Ek slaap nou soos 'n baby te danke aan die Healing-oil team. Charmaine Bosman posted to Facebook, 14May2013

Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream

Reference is made to your advert regarding Axhilirit Eczema. I am based in Hillcrest, KZN. Your product has helped my skin tremendously within one day. Thank you. Les, KZN, 2012


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Email received 22April2012 from Sharon C:

My 7 year old developed a rash that was diagnosed as Eczema. After numerous pharmaceutical treatments, that initially alleviated the condition for a few days, the rash continued to spread. My prayers were answered when I came upon your website realizing that your oils and creams were completely natural products and thought it well worth a try....Within 6 days of applying the oil and putting a few drops in her bath water every

Night, her skin is completely clear and the itching has disappeared. There is no trace of any rash at all and all seems like a bad dream now. My daughter refers to the oils as ‘God’s miracle medicine’. She seems to have developed a fascination now with plants, seeds and trees too! I felt the need to write to you personally and commend you on the great work you do. To do something to make another’s life easier and happier is the highest elevation of hope. That can inspire any human being. We thank you with all our hearts and wish you all the best in your endeavour.


Axhilirit Eczema Oil

I'd like to tell you that the Axhilirit eczema oil is brilliant and has really brought a recurring patch of eczema under control. Thank you!

Bill Burridge, Via Email, September 16, 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Hi, I called you on Saturday morning 04/06/11. Brief explanation on your side and I found myself on my way to Century City. You said after four days I should be able to see results, but, believe me when I say, my result was within ONE day! Thank God for this product. Now, I think I would like to promote it. You will not believe me when I say, I have truly tried everything, from specialist to herbalist to naturopath. I have spent thousands of Rands and nothing worked!!!! So a great thanks to you and your team for this. Thank you. A very satisfied client :-)

Zuraya, Cape Town, June 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Hi, I received the package and used the oil and ointment. My eczema is all cleared up and I do not have to hide my hands. I’m very happy. Had used all sorts of ointments over a year that made it worse. Thank you, thank you.

Email received from Maria Kostov, Australia, 2 Feb 2011

Eczema in face

Thank you for the wonderful oil. I'm proud to show-off my smooth face now. My friends wants me refer them to my "dermatologist". You are a life saver.

Sthembile Hlongwa, Amanzimtoti, KZN, 16 January 2012


Eczema (Severe)An eight year old boy of St Pauls Primary School in George has suffered from acute Eczema for most of his life to such an extent that he would bleed when he takes a bath. After eight days of using Axhilirit Oil and Ointment, he could bath without bleeding. After 6 weeks he now has the confidence to take his shirt off to play rugby with his friends and his skin condition is consistently improving. 2009


Eczema (Severe) My son has been suffering from severe eczema for about three years. He had been to several Dermatologists during this time but could get little or no relief. After applying Axhilirit for 4 days his condition had improved enough for him to go back to work and is improving. Mr Fortuin, Mosselbay, 2009

Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream

I’m finally managing my Eczema with a combination of the Axhilirit Eczema Oil and Cream. It works so well that I’m buying the products for friends and family members suffering with this condition. Paul, Gauteng, Mar 2011


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