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Parliament pushing bills through over December period - 

Several times in the past has the SA government utilized the period 15 December to 15 January for public participation or oral representation about regulatory matters. The very same tactic has been used in the USA to pass laws that the USA citizens rue to this day. Sign this petition in order to stop this unethical political tactic that is used to, in almost all cases, affect your life and liberties in a negative way. https://www.outa.co.za/petitiontoparliament/




Petitions - Outa - Parliament pushing bills over December




4 July 2017 - PETITION for seed sovereinty -

I must sarcastically applaud the pathetic South African public in general for their lack of involvement in matters that affect their future food sovereignty and self determination to health among others.

This matter relating to seed and plant registration has been out in the public eye for a while now although most media outlets have already removed their links to articles, and a petition against it has been shared on various social media forum, yet less than 400 people to date have bothered to sign it.
This bill has already been approved by parliament and is now in front of the House of Provinces. If this bill comes into effect, your little veggie patch in your back yard will basically be owned by whomever could afford to register those strains of seed, and you will no longer be able to harvest those seeds legally in order to pass it on. Jail time and fines may be issued. Tanzania is already suffering the consequences of similar laws designed to protect only the large seed growing companies. Heirloom seeds will be a thing of the past, and you will HAVE to buy whatever seed you wish to plant. The very same concept is being exercised with the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill (IKS) that will place exclusive rights to medicinal plants in the hands of only those that can afford to licence them. It is time to take your heads out of the braai smoke, Brandy and Coke fumes, racial division Gupta emails and smell the corruption endemic in South Africa's political/corporate interactions and become involved.

 Seed Sovereinty Petition





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