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Wound Care




Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© and Wound Care

 2015 Axhilirit Healing Oil 20ml - Web1  Buy Online Logo



Featured Article: Axhilirit works wonders on burn wound in Malawi (Note: Graphic content)



2015 Axhilirit Healing Oil 20ml - Web1Getuigskrif: Christa Lubbe, Klinieksuster, Strand

God se Olie - Ek sorg dat ek altyd 'n botteltjie Axhilirit HO Helende Olie byderhand het om pasiente te assisteer as niks anders beskikbaar is nie. Net voor Kersfees 2016 val ek in die bad en beseer myself met 'n vertikale kraak fraktuur op my maermerrie.

Dit was ontsettend seer en omdat ons nie dadelik mediese hulp kon bereik nie gooi ek sommer Axhilirit uit oor die wond. Binne minute begin die swelling sak, en die pers verkleuring verlig merkwaardig. Ure later, met nog olie uitegooi oor die wond is die swelling weg en die pyn draaglik. Dae later is ek op die been met minimale ongemak, soveel so dat ek kon winkels toe gaan vir die laaste Kersaankope.

Vroeg in die nuwe jaar laat ek plate neem van my knieg en vra dat hulle sommer van die been ook neem. Die dokter het verstom gestaan om te sien dat ek nie in gips is nie, dat die fraktuur heeltemal genees het, en dat ek sonder ongemak rondbeweeg.

Hy vra wat ek aangevang het om die genesing aan te help en ek wys hom die botteltjie Axhilirit met God se olies in. Natuurlik wou hy my nie glo nie.



Mike Downey & Loes Erdtsleck, 3rd Degree Burns and Keloids - Blog 

00 - Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil Feedback 3rd degree burns Keloid treatment Mike Downey 3 00 - Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil Feedback 3rd degree burns treatment  Loes 

Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageKnife Wound 

Cut my finger in the kitchen. Applied Axhilirit Oil immediately and regularly after that. The wound was healed within 5 days! Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, Via Facebook 15June

Axhilirit Healing Oil-review-Knife wound-healed in 5 days

Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageAxhilirit and Rejuvinit in New Zealand

Doris NaudeHere in New Zealand your products are being used every day with excellent results. Injuries are par of the course working with the horses but the healing process is phenomenal with your Axhillirit. Via Facebook September 2014

Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageAxhilirit Oil for Psoriasis 

"Just to let you know we are using the Axhilirit oil for psoriasis (skin disorder) and having an 80 present relief from out breaks and flaking of the skin!

Awesome product!!!!!!

Thanks so much!


Email received from Vicki Pieterse, Gauteng, Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Axhilirit Healing Oil and Ointment

"I am very impressed as always with the Healing Oil products. yet again I hauled out the Axhilirit oil and ointment this weekend while away with friends. It treated some nasty insect bites on a two year old - much to her delight, and my hubby who stubbed his big toe badly on the rocks."

Facebook: Kim Filby, Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 9:51am


Rejuvinit and Axhilirt Oil in Austria:

Hi you bunch of lovely people! Have been thinking of you lots and using all the oil I have left. I am in Austria! I need your oils! Lots of love, Nadine

Nadine Schmidt, Iron Man Athlete, Austria, 30March2011




Mail from Australia : I call your oil “Angel Juice” as it is really stunning. A friend of mine is coming over from Australia and I need you to send 10 bottles of Rejuvinit and 5 bottles of Axhilirit back with her. Mail No 2: Your Angel Juice is amazing. On my Facebook photos you will see the difference that your oil has made in two months. My son’s acne has also cleared up. When it flares up again the condition is much better after only one application.My husband applies it to his bald head and he now has fine hairs starting to grow. His warts are also almost gone. A friend of mine that has eczema also has had amazing results.

Michelle – Australia


Septic Wounds
I have used Healing Oil to heal two major wounds after the wounds had turned septic.
The first wound was on my shin where a motorcycle had fallen over and had stripped the skin so that the bone was visible. Due to my work, the wound kept on getting infected and I was at my wits end as I had already developed a fever from the infection.
Through sheer desperation my wife applied our earlier version of Healing Oil to my leg.
Within a few hours the pain and infection reduced. After 3 applications and within 7 days the scab started peeling and, much to my astonishment, my skin had healed with minimal scarring with hairs growing on the scar.
A few years later I almost severed my thumb with an angle grinder. The injury was stitched at the hospital, but once again, due to me not caring for the wound as I had to continue working, the wound got infected. Antibiotics could not clear up the infection.
Once again I applied Healing Oil for 3 days. On the 4th day the scab started peeling with the wound fully healed. With continued application the scar is fading and it seems to have helped for two warts that I have on my hands. The warts have shrunk drastically since I applied Healing Oil to them. I also have had success in treating spider and insect bites.
Ron, George


Spider Bite, Burns, Wounds

A client of mine was bitten on the calf muscle by Funnel Spider. Tissue damage and infection set in and the area of the bite was excised to prevent the spread of damage and gangrene. After 3 weeks the infection and gangrene had still not improved and the doctors were thinking of amputating the leg below the knee. The client approached me for help and I supplied him with a bottle of Axhilirit. Within 4 days the infection and gangrene had improved to such an extent that the leg did not need to be amputated and is now well on the way to recovery.


I had also broken 2 of my toes very badly while kick boxing. I used conventional treatment, but broke them again soon after. I was advised by the owner of Healing Oil Products to apply Axhilirit to help manage the pain and to speed the healing process. I was skeptical but used the oil anyway as I was desperate. The pain improved almost immediately and the toes healed in record time!!

Soon after I received a severe burn on my hand as two chemicals reacted on my skin while mixing glue, generating a massive amount of heat. The glue had melted into the skin and had to be cut out. I immediately applied the Axhilirit Oil. The next morning the finger was tender with the only sign of my mishap the skin that I had to sacrifice to remove the glue, no blistering!!

Annette, For Goodness Sake Health Shop, Milnerton, 2010

 Sores and Moles 
Mona Kruger of KZN used Rejuvinit to treat sores on her nose that would not heal. Within 10 days the sores had healed completely and the wrinkles on her face had drastically softened. Mona also applied Axhilirit to huge moles on her husband’s back. Those moles that have not yet disappeared have drastically reduced in size.


Het gat in my vinger met gom gebrand, dadelik Axhilirt aangesit en binne 24uur was daar net rooi kolletjie!

Annette, Cape Town


Hi. I started using the 20ml bottel Axhilirit yesterday and have had phenomenal results. Du u sell larger bottles? & directly 2 the public? Regards Via SMS, 2010



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