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Wound Care - Horses, Dogs, Cats




Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© Wound Care in Horses, Dogs and other pets


For full information brochure and more photos see Axhilirit Page for Horses



Axhilirit Healing Ointment for Cats

These are brilliant products and they work. Suchin, my cat after an operation was scratching the scar, all the vet could give her was antihistamines, not good, after 3 days of using the special ointment, no scratching and totally healed. Vera Schonberg posted to Facebook, 10 May 2013


Axhilirit for Proud Flesh

I started using the Axhilirit oil and ointment on my horse's proud flesh and the layers have started coming off daily. (Better than any other product so far).


Received via Email from Pauline G-B, Gauteng, 23 March 2012




Axhilirit Healing Oil (Fairy Magic!):

Our mummy cat caught a little fret (bird) yesterday, and gave it a good bite, any way rescued it, and used some of your special heal oil, which is like fairy magic. We put the birdie in a box over night, thinking he would be dead this morning.. well fairy oil did its magic and he has just flow off.. wow weee, kind of makes my day

Email received from J&B Sutton, CT, 22 Jun 2011


My Fresian’s Sweet Itch was under control within 3 days. I now use Rejuvinit for sun damage on my own skin and Axhilirit for my horses. 
Shaun, Plettenbergbay, 2009


Axhilirit Oil – Laceration of hoof & bulb

My mare injured herself right into the hoof. I tried the local Honey potions as this always works wonders on difficult wounds. I switched over to Axhilirit and the wound is now closed up. It is also helping to heal the proud flesh that had formed. In future, I will start with Axhilirit immediately. I’ve also received wonderful feedback from other riders and endurance riders that is using the products for their horses and themselves. An affordable two-in-one solution.

Kim, Hermanus, Mar 2011


Axhilirit Oil – Warts & Scarring

At last I found the wondermedication!!!!! Healed warts and their scarring on my show-filly. All the hair grew back the same colour.

Vicki, Walkerville, Feb 2011




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