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All Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Healing Oil Products

Healing Oil Products - PRODUCT REVIEWS

Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© and Rejuvinit© Healing Oil Products


Note: 30.12.2016 - Thank you to all those that spontaneously pass these photos and feedback on to us. It really makes the fight worthwhile and shows others why we just won't say die.
Out of the 23485 Thank You notes, only about 100 are displayed here. 


 1 - Rejuvinit GOLD Anti Ageing Serum H Gibson Shocking Results


00 - Axhilirit HO Healing Oil Feedback 3rd degree burns Keloid treatment Mike Downey - H Gibson Feb 2017 


00 Feedback Rejuvinit Infinity Serum Comforting


A Must Have on 26/01/2017


2 reviews


"I started Rejuvuvinit Gold in December 2016 and am receiving so many great compliments. Friends want to know what I use as my skin is improving daily at age 66. I have stopped my other products and creams as I just want to use this. My skin feels so good. I feel so good. I truly love this product." Irene, Pringle Bay, 26 Jan 2017.
1 - 2016 Rejuvinit GOLD best anti ageing wrinkle product natural 1



Michelle Fortmann from Panorama had the following to say regarding Healing Oils: "The Axhilirit Eczema Cream is the best cosmetic face moisturizer I have come across. As a bonus, the Axhilirit Healing Oil and Ointment works exceptionally well on my cats. As to my choice in beauty products, nothing comes near Rejuvinit Gold!"

Michelle Fortmann Therapies photo credit Charl RohlandMichelle Fortmann Therapies photo credit: Charl Rohland


00 - Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil Feedback 3rd degree burns Keloid treatment Mike Downey 3

Mike Downey & Loes Erdtsleck, 3rd Degree Burns and Keloids - Blog 

00 - Axhilirit HO Skin Enhancing Healing Oil Feedback 3rd degree burns treatment  Loes 


00 - Feedback - Axhililirit E - Eczema product - best eczema treatment - blog

"This is a miraculous product! People do not want to believe me when I tell them the eczema was under control within 4 days. They can see, but they do not want to believe. All I can say is thank you Healing Oils." Bridgitte, Kleinmond 03.10.2016


1 - Rejuvinit Beauty - best acne scarring pitting products treatment in south africa 

Engela from Vryburg sent us this progress report, August 2016.  



1 - Axhilirit E Eczema Best treatment product feedback image South Africa Cape Town day 1 to 5

Tamika Brown (age 5) from Port Elizabeth, Feedback photos courtesy of her parents, July 2016


00 - Best Anti Ageing secret Rejuvinit Gold Turn Back Time Jasmine Harris co za

Jasmine Harris, Cape Town, Feedback Photos, June 2016 


1 - Axhilirit HO Healing Oil for wound in Nail 

Freda van Zyl Fourie, Milargo Wellness, Feedback Photos, September 2015


1 - Axhilirit HO Healing Oil miracle oil feedback


1 - Axhilirit E Eczema for all types of eczema treatment product Health consultant Opinion South Africa


1 - Axhilirit E Eczema Best treatment product feedback image South Africa Cape Town Port Elizabeth Balm


00 - Axhilirit Eczema on feet treatment product eczema cure



2015 Axhilirit Healing Oil 20ml - Web1Getuigskrif: Christa Lubbe, Klinieksuster, Strand

God se Olie - Ek sorg dat ek altyd 'n botteltjie Axhilirit HO Helende Olie byderhand het om pasiente te assisteer as niks anders beskikbaar is nie. Net voor Kersfees 2016 val ek in die bad en beseer myself met 'n vertikale kraak fraktuur op my maermerrie.

Dit was ontsettend seer en omdat ons nie dadelik mediese hulp kon bereik nie gooi ek sommer Axhilirit uit oor die wond. Binne minute begin die swelling sak, en die pers verkleuring verlig merkwaardig. Ure later, met nog olie uitegooi oor die wond is die swelling weg en die pyn draaglik. Dae later is ek op die been met minimale ongemak, soveel so dat ek kon winkels toe gaan vir die laaste Kersaankope.

Vroeg in die nuwe jaar laat ek plate neem van my knieg en vra dat hulle sommer van die been ook neem. Die dokter het verstom gestaan om te sien dat ek nie in gips is nie, dat die fraktuur heeltemal genees het, en dat ek sonder ongemak rondbeweeg.

Hy vra wat ek aangevang het om die genesing aan te help en ek wys hom die botteltjie Axhilirit met God se olies in. Natuurlik wou hy my nie glo nie.



2015 Axhilirit E eczema moisturizing Oil 20ml - CopyAbigail Fysh

Abigail Fysh
Abigail Fysh I've been using your products for about 5 years now, and I don't suffer with any more skin problems. If I feel a flare-up (due to increase of stress or bad diet) my Axhilirit is my go to fix. I highly recommend all your products!
 · Reply · Message ·   · September 21 at 9:50am



1-2015 10ml Rejuvinit Beauty Oil 10ml - web 

Tasia Alyssa JacksonreviewedHealing Oil Products5 star

September 15 at 9:04am·

Recently used the Beauty oil , and beauty bar. I can honestly say this product has done more for me than any other Product. I have spent thousands of Rands on expensive well known brands and seen no improvement, with my beauty oil I saw improvement in as little as 7 days. I will definitely use this product again and I highly recommend it.



1-2015 10ml Rejuvinit Beauty Oil 10ml - web

Thembi MatshinyereviewedHealing Oil Products5 star

August 15 at 7:44pm·

Recently got my hands on the Beauty Oil- for a completely different reason. Somehow ended up using it on my face. And I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. Now I'm out and I cannot wait to buy more. This time I'll try go for the bigger bottle.



00 - Rejuvinit GOLD best Anti Ageing Serum cream product treatment south africa dark circles puffy eyes


00 - Axhilirit Rejuvinit positive feedback for skin discolouration and eczema


Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageKnife Wound 

Adri Wernich Kleinmond Agent for Axhilirit and Rejuvinit Healing Oil Products  Cut my finger in the kitchen. Applied Axhilirit Oil immediately and regularly after that. The wound was healed within 5 days! Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, Via Facebook 15June

Axhilirit Healing Oil-review-Knife wound-healed in 5 days



Icon Rejuvinit OilSun Damage on Nose

"The Rejuvinit Beauty Oil cleared away a cancerous sun damaged spot on my nose. The specialist gave me a clear bill of health." Meave King, Bothasig, 9 May 2015

"Because of the results with the Rejuvinit Beauty Oil, I am now using the Rejuvinit Beauty Oil on the spots on my arms as well." Meave King, 9 April 2016 

Meave King-Healing Oil Products-Axhilirit Healing Oil



Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageKnife Wound

Amanda du Preez used Axhilirit Healing Oil on her wound to minimize scarring. 9 May 2015

Axhilirit Healing Oil - review - scar prevention 1



Icon Axhilirit Healing Ointment2nd and 3rd Degree Burns

A few years ago I suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 62% of my body. After using your Axhilirit for a few months I was absolutely amazed at the results! J Katz, RSA/UK, email received 12 May 2015



Icon Axhilirit Healing OintmentChronic Sinus Healed

Just want to inform you that my son has been healed with your Axhilirit Ointment. Shepherd Sajeni, via email 30 April 2015




Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageInsect Bites and Axhilirit Healing Oil

Piet du Plessis used Axhilirit Healing Oil on an insect bite while in Malawi. 5 February 2015

Axhilirit Healing Oil-review-insect bites-1



Icon Rejuvinit Cream Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing Cream - A Million Dollars

Hi. We just returned from holiday in the Caribbean. I want to thank Healing Oils for a wonderful product as I felt like a Million Dollars between the ladies who had facelifts and botox injections. They did not want to believe that I am 63 years old and only use your Rejuvinit Gold Cream. Blessings. Linda Groenewald, Western Cape. 14 November 2014

1 - Linda G Rejuvinit Gold best anti ageing serum cream



Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageFire Dance with Axhilirit Healing Oil

We always have Axhilirit on hand to treat burns. The Axhilirit works so well that we seldom blister and the burns heal without scarring. We also love the Rejuvinit Beauty Range and other great products.
Lanel van der Kolff, The Psychedelic Theatre, 5 October 2014

The Psychedelic Theatre Fire Dance


Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageAxhilirit and Rejuvinit in New Zealand

Doris NaudeHere in New Zealand your products are being used every day with excellent results. Injuries are par of the course working with the horses but the healing process is phenomenal with your Axhillirit. Via Facebook September 2014


Icon Rejuvinit NailsRejuvinit Nail and Cuticle enhancer - what a great product


I came across your product at a Health shop in Canal Walk, my nails were splitting really badly – I’ve had the problem for years and could not find anything that actually made a lasting difference. UNTIL I asked for advice and one of the sales ladies introduced me to your Rejuvinit Nails, Nail and Cuticle enhancer – after using it diligently for a couple of weeks I started seeing a difference – it’s so great to have strong and healthy nails! Well done on a great product. I love the fact that it’s natural, local and has such a refreshing smell! You now have a new loyal customer! 

Kind regards

Vera Rousseau, Cape Town, via email 26 September 2014



Axhilirit Pain Therapy Gel 50mlAxhilirit Pain Therapy Products for Therapeutic Massage

"I am a massage therapist and use the Axhilirit Pain Therapy products with great success on my clients. They say I have magic hands, but I know it is the Axhilirit products. " -Abigail's Therapies, Edgemead, May 2014




Icon Axhilirit Eczema CreamEczema Skin like Sandpaper

"My susterskind is gebore met ekseem wat haar vel soos skuurpapier laat lyk en voel. Toe ek Axhiliri Ekseemroom ontdek het vir 'n kroniese jeuktoestand en sien hoe goed dit op my vel werk het ek dit vir my suster aanbeveel. Die ekseemroom het so goed gewerk dat die kind nou 'n pragtige, gladde en normale vel het. Sy hoef ook glad nie meer die room te gebruik nie en is nou ekseemvry vir meer as a jaar." -Cornel Vermeulen, Somerset West, April 2014

Translation: My niece was born with eczema that made her skin look and feel like sandpaper. After trying the Axhilirit Eczema Cream on myself for an itchy skin condition, I realized that it might help her as well. The Axhilirit eczema cream worked so well that she now has a smooth, normal skin. She also do not need to use the product any longer and has been flare-up free for more than a year. -Cornel Vermeulen, Somerset West, April 2014




Icon Axhilirit Eczema Oil Front PageEkseem opgeklaar / Eczema did not return

"In 2012 het ek 'n botteltjie Axhilirit ekseemolie vir een van my familielede gekry wat haar ekseem opgeklaar het. Sy het nog nie weer 'n probleem ondervind nie." -Mnr Kiewit Mhlongo, Stellenbosch, Januarie 2014

Translation: In 2012 I bough a bottle of Axhiliit Eczema Oil for one of my family members. It cleared her eczema. She has not yet had another bout of eczema. -Mr Kiewit Mhlongo, Stellenbosch, January 2014


Icon Rejuvinit NailsRejuvinit Nail Oil

"Ek het al als probeer om my swak naels te verbeter, van pilletjies tot politoer. Rejuvinit Nails gee my fantastiese resultate. My naels het not nie eenkeer ingeskeur nie en het sowaar begin groei! Ek beveel dit aan vir al my kliënte."

Translation: "I have tried everything to better the condition of my weak nails, from tablets to nail varnish. Rejuvinit Nails give me fantastic results. My nails have not yet torn and have actually started to grow! I tell all my clients about this product."  

Michelle Marais (Whisper of Fragrances), Bothasig, South Africa, May 2014

Rejuvinit Nails Feedback - Whisper of Fragrances


Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageKnife wound

Axhilirit Healing Oil used for kitchen cuts


Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageAxhilirit Oil for Psoriasis 

"Just to let you know we are using the Axhilirit oil for psoriasis (skin disorder) and having an 80 present relief from out breaks and flaking of the skin!

Awesome product!!!!!!

Thanks so much!


Email received from Vicki Pieterse, Gauteng, Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Icon Axhilirit Healing OintmentDiabetic Ulcer

Axhilirit Healing Ointment used on Diabetic Ulcer


 Axhilirit Eczema Cream and Oil

Good morning.
Thank you for an amazing product.
Adrienne Louw, Langebaan

Received via email, 30 December 2013


Tanna's Axhilirit Eczema Cream Story

(Read rest of Tanna's story under Articles)

My 18 year old daughter came back from a weekend away about two years ago with little blisters on her fingers.   The GP said it looked as if she had been bitten by bed bugs and gave her medication which did not help.  Within a few days she had blisters on her feet…. And so the eczema journey began.

I have literally spent thousands and thousands of Rands on various attempts to help her. 

Tanna has continued to use the Axhilirit Eczema cream and we are so grateful, she has just finished writing her matric finals AND the dreaded stress related part of her eczema outbreaks was kept at bay.

Thank you for this truly amazing product!

Varinia van Niekerk

Received via Email: 18 December 2013, East London, South Africa

1 - Axhilirit E Eczema Best treatment product feedback image South Africa


Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front PageUlcerated 3rd Degree Burn

Axhilirit Healing Oil used for Ulcerated 3rd Degree Burn




Success with Axhilirit Eczema

In 2004 I bought an Arabian gelding. It was soon evident that he had a skin problem in his mane and tail. Friends advised me to send blood samples to a person in Gauteng who prepares a serum in order to boost the animal’s immunity. A series of injections did not improve the condition. In the meantime the horse was rubbing these parts until the bare skin was visible. Then followed treatments, varying from natural oils, shampoos, insect repellents, to cortisone injections.

Most of the advisors (meaning it well) suggested that biting midges (sweet-itch) could cause the itching and the resultant rubbing.

At long last the horse was kept in an electrified enclosure to minimize the rubbing, but somehow he still found something to rub himself against.

Eight years onward, in January 2013, I had a discussion (one of many) with my wife and she suggested the possibility of eczema. I then googled the word and the name of Healing-oil products appeared on the computer screen. I phoned Ronald Gibson and he advised me to try Axhilirit Eczema. I ordered a 10 ml bottle to give it a try.

I used 5 drops in a 100 ml spray bottle. Within a week I noticed a dramatic improvement in the horse's condition and in April 2013 I exported my horse, sporting a beautiful mane and tail.

A friend of mine mentioned a similar problem with his mare rubbing her tail the moment she enters her stable. I offered to give the problem a try with the remainder of the 10ml of oil. It took only a few days to clean up the problem with no sign of dandruff in the tail.

Nico Nel, Robertson, South Africa

Winner: Healing Oil Products FeelGood Feedback Competition, Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Scar Treatment with Rejuvinit Beauty Oil

Good Day. I am 29 years old with extremely bad acne scars and problematic skin. I can say that I have tried almost every product there is on the market.

When I started using the Healing Oil products, there was a visible difference in my skin and everybody seemed to take notice of it.

My scars were lighter, my skin was brighter, I gained more self-confidence. I started using the oil on my stretchmarks as well and it has made so much of difference to how I look now. It really is such an extremely useful product. Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Andrea Aroomoogam, Centurion, Via Email: Thursday, October 03, 2013


Axhilirit Eczema Cream for baby

Have used Axhilirit Eczema Cream on my baby who was born with eczema after having tried so many doctors then after some research i found out about healing oil, how i hesitated to try but told myself that if i want my baby not to suffer the best i can do was just to give it a try. Its less than a month since i started applying the cream but hey its doing wonders, will not hesitate to pass on the message to others who are suffering from this ailment to just give it a try you can be resurrected from the suffering.Thank you healing oil keep on doing the good work

Sharon Buranga Pasipamire, Via Facebook: September 20 2013 at 11:01am

Update August 2016: Long term relief found: After years without eczema, Sharon's son had a mild flare-up. Their immediate response, Axhilirit E Moisturizing products! 

1 - Axhilirit E Eczema for all types of eczema prone skin treatment product feedback South Africa


LOVE Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Ageing Serum & Rejuvinit Beauty Oil

I absolutely love love love the Anti-Ageing product And the Natural "Botox"

Works like a Bomb!!

Keep it up


Sandy Pillay, Johannesburg, Via Email: Friday, September 27, 2013

 I Love Healing Oil Products

Hi there

It's Judy here and I Might be a bit late as I'm in Sacramento and a different time zone .... And no Internet most of the time!!

Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil for Really Nasty nails - no longer - I used it religiously every night for a year and now only once a week .... Marvelous!

Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Ageing Serum- use it every day for a year and now look 55 instead of my real age of 65 :)  Miraculous!!

Healing Oil Products Moisturizing Shampoo - trial sample cleared up a funny scabby thing I had on my head. When I return to SA I wish to purchase some.

Lots of love and blessings

Judy, University of Cape Town, via iPhone: Sunday, October 06, 2013


 Axhilirit Eczema Products in Durban area

Hi Ronald,

The customers are very happy with the product and you can be proud of producing such a good range.
All the best and please keep up the good work for us.

Peoples Pharmacy, 2 Knowles Centre, Bamboo Road, Pinetown, Durban

031 701 4455

Via Email: 19 August 2013



 Axhilirit Eczema Cream

Ek gebruik die Axhilirit Eczema cream vir ekseem wat ek op my bene en arms is. Die produk werk regtig. Ek gebruik dit nou vir 5dae. My ekseem is weg. Dit is nog net die vlekke wat op my bene en arms is. Regtig niks meer 'n gekrapery nie. Ek slaap nou soos 'n baby te danke aan die Healing-oil team. Charmaine Bosman posted to Facebook, 14May2013


  Axhilirit Healing Ointment for Cats

These are brilliant products and they work. Suchin, my cat after an operation was scratching the scar, all the vet could give her was antihistamines, not good, after 3 days of using the special ointment, no scratching and totally healed. Vera Schonberg posted to Facebook, 10 May 2013


Rejuvinit Beauty OilRejuvinit Beauty Oil - Girl Trouble 

Rejuvinit sorted out my girl trouble. I have no more heavy periods or pimples. I tell my friends about this product when they want to know how I keep my skin looking so good. Sam, Cape Town, 20 April 2013


Rejuvinit Gold and Rejuvinit Oil

In my tipe werk moet 'n mens jou beste lyk en die Rejuvinit velopkikkers doen die ding vir my. My dag loop sommer net reg as dit begin met 'n paar druppels Boere Botox op my vel.

Wonderlike produkte wat ek definitief aanbeveel vir vriende en familie. Daan Louw, Kaapstad, 17 Maart 2013

Translation: In my type of work you have to look your best. The Rejuvinit skin rejuvenaters do this for me. My day starts right with a few drops of Natural Botox (Rejuvinit Gold) on my skin. Wonderful products that I promote to fiends and family. Daan Louw. CapeTown, 17 March 2013

Daan Louw


Axhilirit Ointment for Hemorrhoids

I've been trying Healing Oil Products for all my various ailments since discovering it for my eczema condition and I was quite surprised that the Axhilirit Ointment really worked to take away my piles - in a day! Now I keep it on hand just for in case. Thanks Healing Oils for wonderful products. Fred Connely, UK, email received 27 Nov 2012

Pain Therapy Gel

I suffered from severe chronic headaches for 45 years with pain radiating from tender point on my shoulders, neck and scalp. I recently started applying Axhilirit Pain Gel on the tender spots and have alleviated the pain to such an extent that I don’t have to use painkillers anymore.

Letter: Rachel Retief, Hermanus, 13 November 2012

Axhilirit Healing Oil and Ointment

"I am very impressed as always with the Healing Oil products. yet again I hauled out the Axhilirit oil and ointment this weekend while away with friends. It treated some nasty insect bites on a two year old - much to her delight, and my hubby who stubbed his big toe badly on the rocks."

Facebook: Kim Filby, Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 9:51am

 Pain Balm

"Axhilirit pain balm, truly amazing. Painful feet, neck, back, anything, it works like a bomb. Great customer feedback. I love it :)"

Facebook: Rene Oliver, Monday, October 8, 2012 8:17pm

Axhilirit Healing Ointment – for Psoriasis

"Hi Ronald. Amazing results!! I am so excited. Client used the Axhilirit Healing Ointment for Psoriasis, he only used it for a week and the area on his arms has cleared up completely. He said I can give his number as reference. His said thank you for a Brilliant product. "

Facebook: Rene Oliver, Monday, October 8, 2012 1:05pm

Pain & Anti-Inflammatory Sports Gel – for Restless Leg Syndrome

"I am sure you do not expect this feedback ... we are very enthusiastic users of your Pain Gel ... for all sorts of needs, pain, cough, muscular, etc, etc ...... but lately i discovered that i can use it for """ walking/wandering legs""" - you can edit this but it is when you feel that you must move your legs and feet. Out of desperation i just put it on and since then it works everytime!!! Thanks for a wonderful product."

Facebook: Annatjie Coetsee, Sunday, October 7, 2012 8:42am



Surprising Results

"I would like to order the products as I am really surprised at the results which I got from purchasing a bottle of boere botox from a friend Rosemary Thalrose."

Received via Email from Ingrid vdMerwe, Somerset West, September 26, 2012



Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Healing Oil/Ointment:

After costly expenses to try and solve my Bulldog’s Eczema skin condition, I tried the Axhilirit range of eczema and healing oils. My dog’s condition cleared up as if by magic and I am now able to manage his condition with minimal applications of the oil. Having access to these products gave me the confidence to take in a pure white Bulldog puppy! – Jenny, Kleinmond, September 2012 


Rejuvinit Beauty Oil:

Subject: Uplifting and encouraging...!

While I was in hospital, a friend popped in to cheer me up! She presented me with a bottle of Rejuvinit...I have been rubbing the healing oil on my abdomen ever since then...I know that Rejuvinit Oil has hastened my recovery! I now have a tight chest, giving me an irritating cough ...so onto my chest and throat goes the oil...already I feel an easing of the heavy chest! Cough much better!

Thanks, Healing Oils!!  

Received via email from: Wolf & Bhakta Peryl, Hermanus September 29, 2012

Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing products:

Hi Ronald. Just some feedback on the Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing products. Had my 75th birthday bash and friends could not believe how good I look. I find your products to be extremely effective and fit my pensioner's budget.

Annatjie Coetsee posted to Facebook, September 12, 2012


Pain Balm:

Hi Ronald. I have had a painful knee for the past month, that just gives in late afternoon when I am tired. It is my second day on the Axhilirit Pain Balm, and for the first time in almost a month my knee is pain free.

Rene Oliver posted to Facebook, September 11, 2012 via BlackBerry Smartphones App



Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing Cream

Hi Ronald, Back from my trek up Africa and badly in need of your moisturizer. Is there a retail outlet in Hermanus or can you drop off for me at the old Hubbard's Cupboard, now Romantiques? Kind regards, Carol v Hoogstraten, received via email 10 September 2012



Axhilirit for Proud Flesh

I started using the Axhilirit oil and ointment on my horse's proud flesh and the layers have started coming off daily. (Better than any other product so far). Received via Email from Pauline G-B, Gauteng, 23 March 2012




Rejuvinit Beauty Oil:
Hi julle, dis nou amper 2 jaar vandat ek ophou naels doen het en my hande is nog net so "wit" soos laas. Ek is so spyt ek het nie my arms ook ingesmeer met die Rejuvinit olie nie, want dan sou al die sonvlekke nou beter gelyk het. Dis selfs amazing in die sin dat ek nou meer tyd in die son spandeer en dit bly "wit". Julle olie is werklik amazing !!

Adri Ferreira-Wernich posted to Facebook, March 10, 2012


Pain Balm:

Meilo Healing Posted on Healing Oils Facebook wall:

My youngest hurt his shoulder in rugby on Saturday... his 1st choice - Pain Balm....


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream

Reference is made to your advert regarding Axhilirit Eczema. I am based in Hillcrest, KZN. Your product has helped my skin tremendously within one day.
Thank you.
Les, KZN, 2012


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Email received 22April2012 from Sharon C:

My 7 year old developed a rash that was diagnosed as Eczema. After numerous pharmaceutical treatments, that initially alleviated the condition for a few days, the rash continued to spread. My prayers were answered when I came upon your website realizing that your oils and creams were completely natural products and thought it well worth a try....Within 6 days of applying the oil and putting a few drops in her bath water every

Night, her skin is completely clear and the itching has disappeared. There is no trace of any rash at all and all seems like a bad dream now. My daughter refers to the oils as ‘God’s miracle medicine’. She seems to have developed a fascination now with plants, seeds and trees too! I felt the need to write to you personally and commend you on the great work you do. To do something to make another’s life easier and happier is the highest elevation of hope. That can inspire any human being. We thank you with all our hearts and wish you all the best in your endeavour.


Rejuvinit Gold

Awesome!! I've never seen results like this, and I've tried many products before!! 
Thanking you
Abigail, Cape Town, 8 January 2012

1 - Rejuvinit Natural Beauty Range - Rejuvinit GOLD Natural Anti Ageing Serum Best - Review Abigail


Rejuvinit Nail Oil:

Desirée Elliott commented on Healing Oil Products' Wall post. (2011)

Desirée wrote: "A month ago I bought some Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil at the Observatory Holistic Fair to treat a persistent fungal infection I had under one of my toenails. I was told that I could apply it over my nail polish (which I kept on all the time to hide the ugly toenail) so applied it religiously twice a day over the whole nail & especially the cuticle. and about a week ago I removed the nail polish and - lo and behold - was astounded to find that more than half my nail was already clear and the new nail growth was completely clear and healthy!!!! I was amazed that it works as am rather skeptical of "quick fix" potions



Axhilirit Eczema Oil

I'd like to tell you that the Axhilirit oil is brilliant and has really brought a recurring patch of eczema under control. Thank you!

Bill Burridge, Via Email, September 16, 2011



Axhilirit Healing Oil (Fairy Magic!):

Our mummy cat caught a little fret (bird) yesterday, and gave it a good bite, any way rescued it, and used some of your special heal oil, which is like fairy magic. We put the birdie in a box over night, thinking he would be dead this morning.. well fairy oil did its magic and he has just flow off.. wow weee, kind of makes my day.

Email received from J&B Sutton, CT, 22 Jun 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Hi, I called you on Saturday morning 04/06/11. Brief explanation on your side and I found myself on my way to Century City. You said after four days I should be able to see results, but, believe me when I say, my result was within ONE day! Thank God for this product.
Now, I think I would like to promote it.
You will not believe me when I say, I have truly tried everything, from specialist to herbalist to naturopath. I have spent thousands of Rands and nothing worked!!!!
So a great thanks to you and your team for this.
Thank you
A very satisfied client :-)

Zuraya, Cape Town, June 2011


Rejuvinit Cream:

Many, many thanks to you for my Gift received April 15th for my birthday. I have been using the cream and I am starting to see results! You have amazing products. All the best to you!
Bronwyn V D Westhuizen, Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless


Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Ageing Serum:

Hallo, Thanks a mill, my friend and me – we love that Oil !!!!

With kindest regards


Email Received from Charlotte, CT, 12 April 2011


Rejuvinit and Axhilirt Oil:

Hi you bunch of lovely people! Have been thinking of you lots and using all the oil I have left. I am in Austria! I need your oils! Lots of love, Nadine

Nadine Schmidt, Iron Man Athlete, Austria, 30March2011


Pain Balm:

I keep the balm with me at all times. When I feel a stress spasm coming on, I immediately massage a tiny amount into my shoulders, preventing the spasm from escalating into unmanageable proportions. My children love it too and apply it to bruises and sprains.

Jeanine, Kleinmond, Mar 2011


Pain Balm:

I do not know what you put extra in that Balm, but it works like a charm! I’ve tried it on friends and family and they all want this MAGIC pain relief potion. It is the only thing that helps me with almost immediate relief from chronic pain in my neck. Will keep you updated.

Cornelle, Pringle Bay, Mar 2011


Pain Balm:

I use the balm on my clients and they all report that it is turning their worlds into pain-free zones. I promote it actively to be used in all sorts of chronic pain situations. I love to use it on myself as well. It complements the Healing Oil Range, making it a complete healing and beauty range to keep on hand in the house.

Renate, Pringle Bay, Mar 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream:

Hi, I received the package and used the oil and ointment. My eczema is all cleared up and I do not have to hide my hands. I’m very happy. Had used all sorts of ointments over a year that made it worse. Thank you, thank you.

Email received from Maria Kostov, Australia, 2 Feb 2011


Rejuvinit Oil:

Adri Ferreira-Wernich March 2010

Hi julle, dis nou amper 2 jaar vandat ek ophou naels doen het en my hande is nog net so "wit" soos laas. Ek is so spyt ek het nie my arms ook ingesmeer met die Rejuvinit olie nie, want dan sou al die sonvlekke nou beter gelyk het. Dis selfs amazing in die sin dat ek nou meer tyd in die son spandeer en dit bly "wit". Julle olie is werklik amazing !!

Translation: Hi, almost 2 years since stopped doing nails and my hands are still ‘white’. I’m so sorry that I had not treated my arms at the same time, because then the sun damage would have been looking better as well. Rejuvinit is amazing in the sense that I am spending more time in the sun and my hands stay ‘white’. Your oils are truly amazing!


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream:

Paid up all my beauty accounts with what I have saved using Rejuvinit Products. Thank you Healing Oils, now I have extra money to have fun with.

Model (Name withheld), Observatory, Nov 2010


Axhilirit Oil and 3rd Degree Burns:

Our nearest town is two day's drive away and when my husband, a field and hunting guide, returned from the swamps two days after sustaining third degree burns to his hand, I immediately applied Axhilirit. Severe infection was already evident but settled within 24 hours. I applied a drop of Axhilirit three to four times a day to the area, bandaging it for two days before leaving the wound open to dry. We kept on applying Axhilirit until the wound was closed and the scar no longer visible. I now insist in keeping Healing Oil Products as part of our medical stock and it is convenient to carry a small bottle around when on hunting trips.

Adelaine Naude, Lodge Manager - Uruguay/Paraguay/Argentina, December 2010


Axhilirit Oil and 3rd Degree Burns:

A South African volunteer nurse left a bottle of Axhilirit at a Malawi clinic for emergencies. A baby came in with third degree burns to his buttocks and as the doctor only comes in once a week, the nurses applied the Axhilirit oil to his wounds until the doctor could see him. The doctor did not need to do skin grafts and the nurses continued with treatment until the wound was healed.


Axhilirit Oil and 2nd Degree Burns:

The one nurse's son burnt the palm of his hand on a boiler. She applied Axhilirit oil immediately to his burn and the pain and discomfort settled instantly. The next day the son did not have any discomfort on his palm and was able to continue his journey to Afghanistan. He did insist on taking her last little bit of Axhilirit with him and Estelle was contacted immediately to bring some more Axhilirit when she comes back to Malawi.

Estelle, Western Cape, (Malawi) October 2010



Mail from Australia : I call your oil “Angel Juice” as it is really stunning. A friend of mine is coming over from Australia and I need you to send 10 bottles of Rejuvinit and 5 bottles of Axhilirit back with her. Mail No 2: Your Angel Juice is amazing. On my Facebook photos you will see the difference that your oil has made in two months. My son’s acne has also cleared up. When it flares up again the condition is much better after only one application.My husband applies it to his bald head and he now has fine hairs starting to grow. His warts are also almost gone. A friend of mine that has eczema also has had amazing results.

Michelle – Australia


3rd Degree Burns
A member of the George Dog Unit, Wessie Westraad, George, suffered 3rd degree burns to most of his right arm. He could not straighten his arm and was told to stay out of the sun for up to two years. He feared that he would not be able to play golf again. He started using Axhilirit Ointment and Oil four months after being discharged from hospital. Within a week he could straighten his arm and a week later was back on the golf course. At present his skin condition is rapidly improving, astounding the nurse that assisted him at the Wound Clinic. He says that when he next visits his doctor she will not believe how his arm has improved.


3rd & 2nd Degree Burns - 60% of body

Axhilirit Ointment

Burns Patient – Jonty

Jonty from Knysna incurred second and third degree burns to 60% of his body below the shoulders.

He was airlifted to Tygerberg hospital where skin grafts were done. His parents were informed that he would be in ICU for about 2 months before he would be transferred to a hospital nearer to home. Jonty’s burns and grafts were treated with Axhilirit Ointment from day four. He was transferred to George Hospital on the seventh day as his condition had improved so much that he had already started walking. About 4 weeks later we telephoned Jonty’s mom to enquire about his condition. Jonty himself answered the phone and told us that the burns and grafts had healed to such an extent that it was difficult to distinguish between normal and grafted skin. He was still using Axhilirit Ointment as it was the only thing that soothed the skin.

Sandi, Knysna, October 2010

Icon Axhilirit Healing Oil Front Page Detox Heavy Metals with Axhilirit Healing Oil


"Ek werk met silwer juweliersware en maak gebruik van lood in my werk. Ek het gevind dat die Axhilirit goed werk om die swaar metale uit my liggaam uit te help verwyder. Na 'n stortbad le ek vir so 20 minute in 'n bad met 20 druppels Axhilirit Helende Olie. Dit bly vir my 'n verbasing on die swart ring in die bad te sien as ek uitklim." - Hardus Stols, George, 2009


Translation: I work with silver jewellery and use lead in my work environment. I have found that the Axhilirit works well in assisting to remove heavy metals from my body. I first take a shower and then lie for 20 minutes in a bath were I have added 20 drops of Axhilirit Healing Oil. I always stand amazed at the black ring left behind when I get out of the bathwater. -Hardus Stols, George, 2009


I am a brick worker on a building site and started using Healing Ointment on my face and hands to help with dry skin caused by cement. Inside a week all the acne on my face had disappeared. I have had acne problems for a few years now. I am happy with the product.
Joseph Mokete Chake, Great Brak River

Leigh, St Pauls Primary in George, applied Rejuvinit to her and her cousin’s acne. Within 5 days the acne had cleared up. She also applied the oil to skin blemishes on her fiancé’s face, causing the blemishes to fade.

Diabetic Sores
Fazlin, beauty therapist of George, RSA, treated her father’s big toe that was to be amputated due to Diabetes. Within 2 days the blood circulation of the toe had returned to normal and, needless to say, dad still has his toe.


I have had an ulcer the size of my hand for 25 years. After three unsuccessful skin grafts I had given up hope. On a visit to family I decided to visit the local Wound Care Clinic. The nurse on duty listened to my woes and decided to give me her sample bottle of Axhilirit. After using the oil for 2 weeks the ulcer had closed to a quarter of it’s original size. After ordering another bottle of oil and a further 2 weeks the ulcer had closed completely. I now see to it that I always have Axhilirit available.

Vanessa, Prins Albert

Eczema in face

Thank you for the wonderful oil. I'm proud to show-off my smooth face now. My friends wants me refer them to my "dermatologist". You are a life saver.

Sthembile Hlongwa, Amanzimtoti, KZN, 16 January 2012


Eczema (Severe)
An eight year old boy of St Pauls Primary School in George has suffered from acute Eczema for most of his life to such an extent that he would bleed when he takes a bath. After eight days of using Axhilirit Oil and Ointment, he could bath without bleeding. After 6 weeks he now has the confidence to take his shirt off to play rugby with his friends and his skin condition is consistently improving.


Fever Blisters

Axhilirit Ointment:


I had a problem with fever blisters. They just did not seem to improve no matter what I used. The blisters would grow so large that they would make my lips swell like toads. Since using Axhilirit Ointment 8 months ago I have not had any blisters and the damage caused by the previous bout is gone.

Horse Groom, George

Fungal Infection in Nail

I have had a fungal infection in one of finger nails for 15 years without being able to solve the problem, despite being a nail technician. Within 2 weeks after starting to apply the Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil the condition of my nail had improved drastically and I now only wait for the damaged area to grow out naturally. Marietta, Kleinmond


Genital Warts

Axhilirit Ointment:

I was diagnosed with genital warts shortly before having a major back operation. I was notified that the operation would have to be postponed if any active infections were evident. As the next available date was 4 months in the future and the pain was unbearable, I started using Axhilirit Ointment in desperation, thinking that if works for fever blisters(herpes simplex), then it might just work for genital warts(herpes complex). Three days before the operation I had my blood tests done and was cleared with no active infections. The warts were also gone and I have not yet had a flare-up(7 months).

Mike, Cape Town


Rejuvinit & Gold

I had been using Rejuvinit and Rejuninit Gold on and off for almost 18months and have now stopped using it after obtaining the desired results. I just want to thank Healing Oil Products for a wonderful product that ensures lasting results. The texture of my skin remains unchanged, no age spots or old sun damage has returned and the wrinkles that I used to have are still not noticeable.

Iane, George, 11March2011, (Age Bracket: 55+)


Rejuvinit Oil

A friend came to visit and stated that I looked exactly as I did five years ago. It felt soooo good not to have aged. Thank you Rejuvinit.

Adri, Western Cape, Mar 2011


Rejuvinit Cream

For the first time in life I’ve found a cream that really works. The sun damage on my hands is quite severe and I started treatment with 60mls of Rejuvinit cream a month. Two months later, I’m only using one 30ml pot and the improvement to my skin is phenomenal. Maureen, Plettenberg Bay, Feb 2011, (Age bracket: 60+)


Rejuvinit Cream

Thank you so much for this product, it saves me time! Kimberley Welch, via email, 6 January 2012


I cannot believe it! Rejuvinit sorted out my skin and my HOT FLUSHES after only 30 days of use! Hermien Burger, Sedgefield, Mar 2011


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream

I visited Hermanus in November and bought Rejuvinit Oil and Cream. Now I would like to have more of it. Is it possible for me who lives in Sweden to buy your products and have them sent here?
Best regards,

Rejuvinit Cream

I cannot face the day without using Rejuvinit Cream. My general skin tone and condition has drastically improved since using Rejuvinit, even the pores on my skin have become less noticeable. Renate Berger, Pringle Bay, 2010


Rejuvinit Oil

I love my Rejuvinit Oil so much that it travels everywhere I go, even overseas. On my most recent trip to England I had to leave my unsealed bottle behind, but purchased a replacement on my way home from the airport. Mary Comry, Rooiels, 2010


Rejuvinit Oil

I have twisted the owners of Healing Oil Products’ arms to specially supply me with 20ml packaging of Rejuvinit. I am overjoyed to see that it has now become a standard stock item. See, it is not what you know but WHO you know, hehe. Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, 2010


Rejuvinit Oil

I was quite surprised to see my friend’s skin improving, even to the extent that her wrinkles were fading at a surprising rate. On enquiring as to what she was doing, I got the distinct  impression that I was placing our friendship in jeopardy. The only clue as to what she was doing was that she had a small bottle in her handbag that she guarded jealously and would change the subject when asked about it. When going to lunch one day she left her handbag with me to go to the ladies room. My curiosity got the better of me and I took a quick peek at the little bottle, wrote down the information on it and contacted Healing Oil Products as soon as I got home. My skin has now also improved, my old acne scars have faded, and I look about 15 years younger.

Identity withheld as I would like to keep my friend. JHB, 2010


Eczema (Severe) 
My son has been suffering from severe eczema for about three years. He had been to several Dermatologists during this time but could get little or no relief. After applying Axhilirit for 4 days his condition had improved enough for him to go back to work and is improving. Mr Fortuin, Mosselbay, 2010


Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Cream

I’m finally managing my Eczema with a combination of the Axhilirit Eczema Oil and Cream. It works so well that I’m buying the products for friends and family members suffering with this condition. Paul, Gauteng, Mar 2011



A friend of mine contracted ringworm before leaving SA to work in Sierra Leone. Soon the condition had spread to large areas of his body. On returning to SA he consulted dermitoligists, but the condition did not improve. When he came to visit me I gave him my Axhilirit Ointment to try. Within 2 days a drastic improvement was noticeable and shortly had omproved to such an extent that he could return to Sierra Leone to work. Mariana Verster, CPT, 2010


Septic Wounds
I have used Healing Oil to heal two major wounds after the wounds had turned septic.
The first wound was on my shin where a motorcycle had fallen over and had stripped the skin so that the bone was visible. Due to my work, the wound kept on getting infected and I was at my wits end as I had already developed a fever from the infection.
Through sheer desperation my wife applied our earlier version of Healing Oil to my leg.
Within a few hours the pain and infection reduced. After 3 applications and within 7 days the scab started peeling and, much to my astonishment, my skin had healed with minimal scarring with hairs growing on the scar.
A few years later I almost severed my thumb with an angle grinder. The injury was stitched at the hospital, but once again, due to me not caring for the wound as I had to continue working, the wound got infected. Antibiotics could not clear up the infection.
Once again I applied Healing Oil for 3 days. On the 4th day the scab started peeling with the wound fully healed. With continued application the scar is fading and it seems to have helped for two warts that I have on my hands. The warts have shrunk drastically since I applied Healing Oil to them. I also have had success in treating spider and insect bites.
Ron, George


Spider Bite

A client of mine was bitten on the calf muscle by Funnel Spider. Tissue damage and infection set in and the area of the bite was excised to prevent the spread of damage and gangrene. After 3 weeks the infection and gangrene had still not improved and the doctors were thinking of amputating the leg below the knee. The client approached me for help and I supplied him with a bottle of Axhilirit. Within 4 days the infection and gangrene had improved to such an extent that the leg did not need to be amputated and is now well on the way to recovery. 

I had also broken 2 of my toes very badly while kick boxing. I used conventional treatment, but broke them again soon after. I was advised by the owner of Healing Oil Products to apply Axhilirit to help manage the pain and to speed the healing process. I was skeptical but used the oil anyway as I was desperate. The pain improved almost immediately and the toes healed in record time!!

Soon after I received a severe burn on my hand as two chemicals reacted on my skin while mixing glue, generating a massive amount of heat. The glue had melted into the skin and had to be cut out. I immediately applied the Axhilirit Oil. The next morning the finger was tender with the only sign of my mishap the skin that I had to sacrifice to remove the glue, no blistering!!

Annette du Toit, Ecologic, Milnerton

Skin Discoloration
I applied Axhilirit and later Rejuvinit to skin blemishes on my face. The marks have almost totally disappeared and my skin looks younger and more radiant. My sister suffered from sores on the skin caused by Lupus and was hospitalised. I applied Axhilirit when her condition did not improve. The sores healed and my sister was discharged.
Roma Paulsen, George

1 - Rejuvinit Beauty Oil Best for Skin Discolouration Roma Paulsen George

Sores and Moles 
Mona Kruger of KZN used Rejuvinit to treat sores on her nose that would not heal. Within 10 days the sores had healed completely and the wrinkles on her face had drastically softened. Mona also applied Axhilirit to huge moles on her husband’s back. Those moles that have not yet disappeared have drastically reduced in size.


Sun Damage

Adri Wernich Kleinmond Agent for Axhilirit and Rejuvinit Healing Oil Products I own a nail bar and had extensive sun damage to my hands and arms. I became a stockist of  Healing Oil Products so as to provide a more complete service to my clients. I started massaging Rejuvinit oil into the hands of my clients to finish off my treatments to help the skin tone and condition of their hands. I found that the oil applied to my hands for these massages caused the sun damage on my hands to fade. I then started applying the oil to my fore arms with the same result.

Seeing what the Rejuvinit was doing for my hands, I enquired at Healing Oil Products as to the possibility of developing a nail oil to help with problem nails i.e. fungus. They were very accommodating, and shortly thereafter a nail oil was developed that has helped many of my clients.

Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, 2010



Just wanted to let you know the amazing success we had with the Axhilirit. You are welcome to use this as a testimonial.

My 5 year old son got a large, rapidly developing wart on the side of his foot. It was about 8mm in diameter, and raised about 3mm. For about 4 months I tried using a plakkie ( leaf of a plant which is very good for drawing out other impurities), and then moved on to another wart oil which I received. The surface of the wart changed, but no further progress. Despite regular and careful attention to it.

I received the Axhilirit 2 weeks ago, and started applying the oil twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day. I kept a plaster over it, as it looked really ugly, and also because the top surface was no longer smooth and sealed. On the second night it was a little itchy. By the end of the first week it was looking different and the edges looked a little loose. By the 14th day the whole wart had lifted off, leaving a smooth round moist cavity. It looks healthy, and I will continue to apply the oil until it is fully healed. The only discomfort was a lot of itchiness on the 14th day, with the oil applied to the underlying area. A small price to pay for a huge success!

Thanks very much for your amazing product.  I have already bought more to give to my parents and others.

Thanks very much, Anneline Sweetnam, 17 May 2010, Betties Bay, Western Cape




Hi, wou net laat weet, EK IS BAIE IMPRESSED! Weet nie of jy my onthou, het Saterdag die Rejuvinit oil by jou gekoop in Somerset Wes. . . kan klaar verskil sien, wag nou vir die nuwe room . . . groete Linda, Somerset Wes, Cape Town, 07.06.201000 - Linda Weber Propactive Cape TownUpdate: Linda Weber (Propactive Cape Town), August 2016, still using Rejuvinit Gold, love the product! 


Het gat in my vinger met gom gebrand, dadelik Axhilirt aangesit en binne 24uur was daar net rooi kolletjie! Annette du Toit, Ecologic, Cape Town


Hi. I started using the 20ml bottel Axhilirit yesterday and have had phenomenal results. Du u sell larger bottles? & directly 2 the public? Regards


My Fresian’s Sweet Itch was under control within 3 days. I now use Rejuvinit for sun damage on my own skin and Axhilirit for my horses. Shaun Mansfield, Plettenberg Bay


Axhilirit Oil – Laceration of hoof & bulb

My mare injured herself right into the hoof. I tried the local Honey potions as this always works wonders on difficult wounds. I switched over to Axhilirit and the wound is now closed up. It is also helping to heal the proud flesh that had formed. In future, I will start with Axhilirit immediately. I’ve also received wonderful feedback from other riders and endurance riders that is using the products for their horses and themselves. An affordable two-in-one solution. Kim Filby, Hermanus, Mar 2011


Axhilirit Oil – Warts & Scarring

At last I found the wondermedication!!!!! Healed warts and their scarring on my show-filly. All the hair grew back the same colour. Vicki, Walkerville, Feb 2011



Axhilirit Eczema Oil

My Jack Russel’s eczema condition is under control but I continue with maintenance baths with a few drops of Axhilirit Eczema oil in the bath for prevention. Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, Western Cape, Mar 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil

My Dashsund’s eczema was so severe, her tummy looked like thickened leather. The Axhilirit Eczema oil healed all the scarring and now she has soft skin covered with her normal black hair. She’s never been happier and her personality has changed from introverted and aggressive to an outgoing, friendly pooch! Cornelle Vermeulen, Pringle Bay, Mar 2011



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