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2nd and 3rd Degree Burn Treatment





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Mike Downey & Loes Erdtsleck, 3rd Degree Burns and Keloids - Blog

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Icon Axhilirit Healing Ointment2nd and 3rd Degree Burns

A few years ago I suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 62% of my body. After using your Axhilirit for a few months I was absolutely amazed at the results! J Katz, RSA/UK, email received 12 May 2015


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We always have Axhilirit on hand to treat burns. The Axhilirit works so well that we seldom blister and the burns heal without scarring. We also love the Rejuvinit Beauty Range and other great products.
Lanel van der Kolff, The Psychedelic Theatre, 5 October 2014

The Psychedelic Theatre Fire Dance



"One of our cooks ladled boiling oil over his hand. Immediate application of Axhilirit and then three times a day application saw his hand healed in 16 days" - A Naude, Uruguay, January 2011


Axhilirit Oil and 3rd Degree Burns:

Our nearest town is two day's drive away and when my husband, a field and hunting guide, returned from the swamps two days after sustaining third degree burns to his hand, I immediately applied Axhilirit. Severe infection was already evident but settled within 24 hours. I applied a drop of Axhilirit three to four times a day to the area, bandaging it for two days before leaving the wound open to dry. We kept on applying Axhilirit until the wound was closed and the scar no longer visible. I now insist in keeping Healing Oil Products as part of our medical stock and it is convenient to carry a small bottle around when on hunting trips.

Adelaine Naude, Lodge Manager - Uruguay/Paraguay/Argentina, December 2010


Axhilirit Oil and 3rd Degree Burns:

A South African volunteer nurse left a bottle of Axhilirit at a Malawi clinic for emergencies. A baby came in with third degree burns to his buttocks and as the doctor only comes in once a week, the nurses applied the Axhilirit oil to his wounds until the doctor could see him. The doctor did not need to do skin grafts and the nurses continued with treatment until the wound was healed. Story received via Estelle, Malawi, October 2010


Axhilirit Oil and 2nd Degree Burns:

The one nurse's son burnt the palm of his hand on a boiler. She applied Axhilirit oil immediately to his burn and the pain and discomfort settled instantly. The next day the son did not have any discomfort on his palm and was able to continue his journey to Afghanistan. He did insist on taking her last little bit of Axhilirit with him and Estelle was contacted immediately to bring some more Axhilirit when she comes back to Malawi.

Estelle, Western Cape, (Malawi) October 2010

Featured Article: Miracle in Malawi


3rd Degree Burns A member of the George Dog Unit, Wessie Westraad, George, suffered 3rd degree burns to most of his right arm. He could not straighten his arm and was told to stay out of the sun for up to two years. He feared that he would not be able to play golf again. He started using Axhilirit Ointment and Oil four months after being discharged from hospital. Within a week he could straighten his arm and a week later was back on the golf course. At present his skin condition is rapidly improving, astounding the nurse that assisted him at the Wound Clinic. He says that when he next visits his doctor she will not believe how his arm has improved. 2009


3rd & 2nd Degree Burns - 60% of body

Axhilirit Ointment

Burns Patient – Jonty

Jonty from Knysna incurred second and third degree burns to 60% of his body below the shoulders.

He was airlifted to Tygerberg hospital where skin grafts were done. His parents were informed that he would be in ICU for about 2 months before he would be transferred to a hospital nearer to home. Jonty’s burns and grafts were treated with Axhilirit Ointment from day four. He was transferred to George Hospital on the seventh day as his condition had improved so much that he had already started walking. About 4 weeks later we telephoned Jonty’s mom to enquire about his condition. Jonty himself answered the phone and told us that the burns and grafts had healed to such an extent that it was difficult to distinguish between normal and grafted skin. He was still using Axhilirit Ointment as it was the only thing that soothed the skin.

Sandi, Knysna, October 2010

Het gat in my vinger met gom gebrand, dadelik Axhilirt aangesit en binne 24uur was daar net rooi kolletjie! Translation: "I burnt a hole in my finger with glue, immediately applied Axhilirit and only a small red dot remained after 24 hours." Annette, Cape Town, November 2010


Hi. I started using the 20ml bottel Axhilirit yesterday and have had phenomenal results. Du u sell larger bottles? & directly 2 the public? Regards, via sms, December 2010



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