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Eczema in Dogs, Horses, Cats, Pets





Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© Eczema Products for use in Dogs, Horses, Cats and other Pets




The Owners of Healing Oil Producs have treated their own dogs, horses and cats with Axhilirit© products for almost 20 years.

Princess Leia is the showcase for Axhilirit© Eczema for Dogs and Mietsie is a completely cured (ex)eczema cat.




Success with Axhilirit Eczema

In 2004 I bought an Arabian gelding. It was soon evident that he had a skin problem in his mane and tail. Friends advised me to send blood samples to a person in Gauteng who prepares a serum in order to boost the animal’s immunity. A series of injections did not improve the condition. In the meantime the horse was rubbing these parts until the bare skin was visible. Then followed treatments, varying from natural oils, shampoos, insect repellents, to cortisone injections.

Most of the advisors (meaning it well) suggested that biting midges (sweet-itch) could cause the itching and the resultant rubbing.

At long last the horse was kept in an electrified enclosure to minimize the rubbing, but somehow he still found something to rub himself against.

Eight years onward, in January 2013, I had a discussion (one of many) with my wife and she suggested the possibility of eczema. I then googled the word and the name of Healing-oil products appeared on the computer screen. I phoned Ronald Gibson and he advised me to try Axhilirit Eczema. I ordered a 10 ml bottle to give it a try.

I used 5 drops in a 100 ml spray bottle. Within a week I noticed a dramatic improvement in the horse's condition and in April 2013 I exported my horse, sporting a beautiful mane and tail.

A friend of mine mentioned a similar problem with his mare rubbing her tail the moment she enters her stable. I offered to give the problem a try with the remainder of the 10ml of oil. It took only a few days to clean up the problem with no sign of dandruff in the tail.

Nico Nel, Robertson, South Africa

Winner: Healing Oil Products FeelGood Feedback Competition, Tuesday, September 24, 2013




  Axhilirit Healing Ointment for Cats

These are brilliant products and they work. Suchin, my cat after an operation was scratching the scar, all the vet could give her was antihistamines, not good, after 3 days of using the special ointment, no scratching and totally healed. Vera Schonberg posted to Facebook, 10 May 2013



Axhilirit Eczema Oil & Healing Oil/Ointment:

After costly expenses to try and solve my Bulldog’s Eczema skin condition, I tried the Axhilirit range of eczema and healing oils. My dog’s condition cleared up as if by magic and I am now able to manage his condition with minimal applications of the oil. Having access to these products gave me the confidence to take in a pure white Bulldog puppy! – Jenny, Kleinmond, September 2012 


Axhilirit Eczema Oil

My Jack Russel’s eczema condition is under control but I continue with maintenance baths with a few drops of Axhilirit Eczema oil in the bath for prevention.

Adri, Western Cape, Mar 2011


Axhilirit Eczema Oil

My Dashsund’s eczema was so severe, her tummy looked like thickened leather. The Axhilirit Eczema oil healed all the scarring and now she has soft skin covered with her normal black hair. She’s never been happier and her personality has changed from introverted and aggressive to an outgoing, friendly pooch!

Cornelle, Pringle Bay, Mar 2011



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