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Moles & Warts





Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Axhilirit© in treatment of Moles and Warts



Septic Wounds & Warts
I have used Healing Oil to heal two major wounds after the wounds had turned septic.
The first wound was on my shin where a motorcycle had fallen over and had stripped the skin so that the bone was visible. Due to my work, the wound kept on getting infected and I was at my wits end as I had already developed a fever from the infection.
Through sheer desperation my wife applied our earlier version of Healing Oil to my leg.
Within a few hours the pain and infection reduced. After 3 applications and within 7 days the scab started peeling and, much to my astonishment, my skin had healed with minimal scarring with hairs growing on the scar.
A few years later I almost severed my thumb with an angle grinder. The injury was stitched at the hospital, but once again, due to me not caring for the wound as I had to continue working, the wound got infected. Antibiotics could not clear up the infection.
Once again I applied Healing Oil for 3 days. On the 4th day the scab started peeling with the wound fully healed. With continued application the scar is fading and it seems to have helped for two warts that I have on my hands. The warts have shrunk drastically since I applied Healing Oil to them. I also have had success in treating spider and insect bites.
Ron, George, 2009


Sores and Moles 
Mona Kruger of KZN used Rejuvinit to treat sores on her nose that would not heal. Within 10 days the sores had healed completely and the wrinkles on her face had drastically softened. Mona also applied Axhilirit to huge moles on her husband’s back. Those moles that have not yet disappeared have drastically reduced in size.




Just wanted to let you know the amazing success we had with the Axhilirit. You are welcome to use this as a testimonial.

My 5 year old son got a large, rapidly developing wart on the side of his foot. It was about 8mm in diameter, and raised about 3mm. For about 4 months I tried using a plakkie ( leaf of a plant which is very good for drawing out other impurities), and then moved on to another wart oil which I received. The surface of the wart changed, but no further progress. Despite regular and careful attention to it.

I received the Axhilirit 2 weeks ago, and started applying the oil twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day. I kept a plaster over it, as it looked really ugly, and also because the top surface was no longer smooth and sealed. On the second night it was a little itchy. By the end of the first week it was looking different and the edges looked a little loose. By the 14th day the whole wart had lifted off, leaving a smooth round moist cavity. It looks healthy, and I will continue to apply the oil until it is fully healed. The only discomfort was a lot of itchiness on the 14th day, with the oil applied to the underlying area. A small price to pay for a huge success!

Thanks very much for your amazing product.  I have already bought more to give to my parents and others.

Thanks very much,

Anneline, 17 May 2010, Betties Bay, Western Cape




Axhilirit Oil – Warts & Scarring

At last I found the wondermedication!!!!! Healed warts and their scarring on my show-filly. All the hair grew back the same colour.

Vicki, Walkerville, Feb 2011




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