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Nail Therapy - Care & Fungal Infections





Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on  Rejuvinit© Nail Therapy Product for Fungal Infections, damaged / weak / brittle nails and dry  frayed cuticles




H Gibson - Author - Chronicles of Han Storm  Burn Survivor

Burn Survivor, H Gibson.  Rejuvinit© played an integral part in their healing. Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil restored H Gibson's nails to pristine condition. 


Rejuvinit Nails Naturally Beautiful NailsFeatured Article: A Writer's Hands



Icon Rejuvinit NailsRejuvinit Nail and Cuticle enhancer - what a great product


I came across your product at a Health shop in Canal Walk, my nails were splitting really badly – I’ve had the problem for years and could not find anything that actually made a lasting difference. UNTIL I asked for advice and one of the sales ladies introduced me to your Rejuvinit Nails, Nail and Cuticle enhancer – after using it diligently for a couple of weeks I started seeing a difference – it’s so great to have strong and healthy nails! Well done on a great product. I love the fact that it’s natural, local and has such a refreshing smell! You now have a new loyal customer! 

Kind regards

Vera Rousseau, Cape Town, via email 26 September 2014



Icon Rejuvinit NailsRejuvinit Nail Oil

"Ek het al als probeer om my swak naels te verbeter, van pilletjies tot politoer. Rejuvinit Nails gee my fantastiese resultate. My naels het not nie eenkeer ingeskeur nie en het sowaar begin groei! Ek beveel dit aan vir al my kliënte."

Translation: "I have tried everything to better the condition of my weak nails, from tablets to nail varnish. Rejuvinit Nails give me fantastic results. My nails have not yet torn and have actually started to grow! I tell all my clients about this product."  

Michelle Marais (Whisper of Fragrances), Bothasig, South Africa, May 2014

Rejuvinit Nails Feedback - Whisper of Fragrances  



 I Love Healing Oil Products

Hi there

It's Judy here and I Might be a bit late as I'm in Sacramento and a different time zone .... And no Internet most of the time!!

Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil for Really Nasty nails - no longer - I used it religiously every night for a year and now only once a week .... Marvelous!

Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Ageing Serum- use it every day for a year and now look 55 instead of my real age of 65 :)  Miraculous!!

Healing Oil Products Moisturizing Shampoo - trial sample cleared up a funny scabby thing I had on my head. When I return to SA I wish to purchase some.

Lots of love and blessings

Judy, University of Cape Town, via iPhone: Sunday, October 06, 2013


Rejuvinit Nail Oil:

Desirée Elliott commented on Healing Oil Products' Wall post. (2011)

Desirée wrote: "A month ago I bought some Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil at the Observatory Holistic Fair to treat a persistent fungal infection I had under one of my toenails. I was told that I could apply it over my nail polish (which I kept on all the time to hide the ugly toenail) so applied it religiously twice a day over the whole nail & especially the cuticle. and about a week ago I removed the nail polish and - lo and behold - was astounded to find that more than half my nail was already clear and the new nail growth was completely clear and healthy!!!! I was amazed that it works as am rather skeptical of "quick fix" potions


 Fungal Infection in Nail

I have had a fungal infection in one of finger nails for 15 years without being able to solve the problem, despite being a nail technician. Within 2 weeks after starting to apply the Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil the condition of my nail had improved drastically and I now only wait for the damaged area to grow out naturally. Marietta, Kleinmond, 2010


Sun Damage & origins of Rejuvinit Nail & Cuticle Oil

I own a nail bar and had extensive sun damage to my hands and arms. I became a stockist of  Healing Oil Products so as to provide a more complete service to my clients. I started massaging Rejuvinit oil into the hands of my clients to finish off my treatments to help the skin tone and condition of their hands. I found that the oil applied to my hands for these massages caused the sun damage on my hands to fade. I then started applying the oil to my fore arms with the same result. Seeing what the Rejuvinit was doing for my hands, I enquired at Healing Oil Products as to the possibility of developing a nail oil to help with problem nails i.e. fungus under Gel and Acrylic Nails. They were very accommodating, and shortly thereafter a nail oil was developed that has helped many of my clients. Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, 2010



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