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PMS, Painful Periods, Hormonal Imbalances


Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on Rejuvinit© for PMS, Painful Periods, Hot Flashes, Menopause and Hormonal Imbalances




1 - Rejuvinit GOLD Anti Ageing Serum H Gibson Shocking Results


The Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil have changed my life completely. I used to have Menorrhagia, terrible mood swings and PMS. With regular application of Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil to the skin of my abdomen, the Menorrhagia and painful periods do no longer exist. My family cannot call me a 'Dragon Lady' any longer . . . although now they call me that because of my new book . . .


H Gibson, Author, Chronicles of Han Storm 



Rejuvinit Beauty OilRejuvinit Beauty Oil - Girl Trouble 

Rejuvinit sorted out my girl trouble. I have no more heavy periods or pimples. I tell my friends about this product when they want to know how I keep my skin looking so good. Sam, Cape Town, 20 April 2013


Rejuvinit and Axhilirt Oil:

Hi you bunch of lovely people! Have been thinking of you lots and using all the oil I have left. I am in Austria! I need your oils! Lots of love, Nadine

Nadine Schmidt, Iron Man Athlete, Austria, 30March2011


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream:

Paid up all my beauty accounts with what I have saved using Rejuvinit Products. Thank you Healing Oils, now I have extra money to have fun with.

Model (Name withheld), Observatory, Nov 2010




Mail from Australia : I call your oil “Angel Juice” as it is really stunning. A friend of mine is coming over from Australia and I need you to send 10 bottles of Rejuvinit and 5 bottles of Axhilirit back with her. Mail No 2: Your Angel Juice is amazing. On my Facebook photos you will see the difference that your oil has made in two months. My son’s acne has also cleared up. When it flares up again the condition is much better after only one application.My husband applies it to his bald head and he now has fine hairs starting to grow. His warts are also almost gone. A friend of mine that has eczema also has had amazing results.

Michelle – Australia



I cannot believe it! Rejuvinit sorted out my skin and my HOT FLUSHES after only 30 days of use! Hermien, Sedgefield, Mar 2011, (Age Bracket: 45+)


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream

I visited Hermanus in November and bought Rejuvinit Oil and Cream. Now I would like to have more of it. Is it possible for me who lives in Sweden to buy your products and have them sent here?
Best regards,

Started using the Oil on my husbands' scar and my skin discoloration. It sorted out my Hot Flushes and changed our dreary bedroom lives for the better! Roma, George, 2009




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