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Axhilirit© Healing Oil for Diabetic Ulcers and Slow Healing Wounds



 Diabetic Sores Fazlin, beauty therapist of George, RSA, treated her father’s big toe that was to be amputated due to Diabetes. Within 2 days the blood circulation of the toe had returned to normal and, needless to say, dad still has his toe. 2009


Diabetic Ulcer

I have had an ulcer the size of my hand for 25 years. After three unsuccessful skin grafts I had given up hope. On a visit to family I decided to visit the local Wound Care Clinic. The nurse on duty listened to my woes and decided to give me her sample bottle of Axhilirit. After using the oil for 2 weeks the ulcer had closed to a quarter of it’s original size. After ordering another bottle of oil and a further 2 weeks the ulcer had closed completely. I now see to it that I always have Axhilirit available.Vanessa, Prins Albert, 2009

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