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Axhilirit© PAIN THERAPY (Click on pic to Buy)

Axhilirit© PAIN THERAPY  (Click on pic to Buy)

Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel and Balm


Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel and Balm with Arnica and Wintergreen suitable for topical pain relief of muscles and inflammatory joints.

Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel:

- On-the-go non-geasy application ideal for Sports Injuries;

- Favoured by extreme sports enthusiasts to minimize recovery time of muscle injuries.

Product Information


Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Balm:

- Fatty ointment suitable for a longer release periods

- Ideal for massage purposes. 

Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Products can also be used for headaches, arthritis pains, joint pains, back aches, sprains, bruises, muscle strains, sinus pain and menstrual pain. Excellent aftercare for strained muscles. 

Product Information



Caution: Do not use any extra arnica containing products with Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balm. Do not use during Pregnancy. Do not use while on blood thinning medication.

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Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel 50ml
 AXHILIRIT© PAIN THERAPY GEL    On-the-Go application for almost instant relief fro..
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Axhilirit© Traditional Pain Therapy Balm 100ml
AXHILIRIT© PAIN THERAPY BALM   Popular with therapeutic massage therapists for muscle an..
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