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Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil - 10ml (Refills only)

Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil - 10ml (Refills only)
Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil - 10ml (Refills only) Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil - 10ml (Refills only) Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil - 10ml (Refills only)
Product Code: RN-10ml
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Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle OIL - only in refill 10ml bottles

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Rejuvinit© Nail and Cuticle Enhancer. The Original Natural Nail Oil. Do not settle for replicas.

Over 8 years, found to be the BEST natural product to treat and prevents FUNGAL INFECTIONS of nails, frayed cuticles, weak/dry/brittle/splitting/breaking nails, ingrown toenails and thickened nails. Use with acrylic/gel nails. Results from 1st application.


"Rejuvinit Nail and Cuticle Oil for Really Nasty nails - no longer - I used it religiously every night for a year and now only once a week .... Marvelous! Judy, university of Cape Town, via iPhone: Sunday, October 06, 2013" 


Developed in conjunction with a nail technician.

Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil permeates deeply into nails, restoring and nourishing cells.

Restores Flexibility and Strength to Nails.

General Maintenance and moisturizing oil for naturally strong, beautiful nails and nourished cuticles.

Suitable for fungal infected nails.

Will not damage acrylic and gel nails.

Apply over varnish.

Maintenance Care is once a week application.

10ml contains approximately 250 applications.


Rejuvinit© Nail & Cuticle Oil Suitable for:

Ingrown Toenails

Thickened nails and Toenails

Splitting Nails

Weak Nails

Brittle Nails

Breaking Nails

Loose Nails

Dry Cuticles

Fraying Cuticles

Peeling Cuticles

Picking at Cuticles

Lost Nails

Removed Nails

Diabetic Nails

Nail Biting


Contains: Natural plant oils, pine oleoresin oil, coconut and jojoba waxes, proprietary blend of essential floral oils, neroli, jasmine, geranium, tea tree 



Precaution: DO NOT USE Rejuvinit© PRODUCTS DURING PREGNANCY. Avoid extended contact with eyes and mucus membranes. NOT SUITABLE for people with hyper-sensitive skin or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, including pine derivatives, tea tree oil, essential oils and NUT containing products. Interaction with pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemicals has not been established. Please consult a Healthcare Practitioner if in doubt, or using chronic medication including steroid and cortisone containing products. Organ Transplant Patients should not use Healing Oil Products. Rejuvinit©may present a detoxifying effect in some people, leading to a slight period of discomfort. Discontinue product should you experience a sensitivity response or discomfort persists. Suitable for topical application. Not harmful if ingested. Healing Oil products contain traces of nuts.


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