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Decriminalizing Drugs WHO / UN



5 July 2015 - UN and WHO call for drugs to be decriminalised -

This convinces me that the world is run by very well paid idiots. Yes, the decriminalization of illicit and addiction forming drugs has been shown to work when implemented correctly like in Portugal. Be aware that the drugs in question includes heroin, cocaine, LSD, crack, etc. This stands in stark contrast to natural, plant based medicines that are threatening the power base and profit of synthetic allopathic drugs, that are being legislated out of existence while mainstream pharmaceutical companies are doing their damnedest to bribe authorities into changing laws giving them sole rights to therapeutic natural compounds.

To show the brilliant monetary model of hooking people on their legal drugs, after criminal and legal judgements proved without doubt that unethical pharmaceutical practices are responsible for the present day opioid overdose death epidemic, these knights in shining armor have just announced that they are in the final stages in the development of a VACCINE against opioid addiction. This is a 3 step profit making program: hook them - make money, treat the addiction - make money, if the treatment does not work vaccinate them - make money while planning how to restart the process.
A review by The Nutrition Institute of America in 2006 found that in the USA, 783,936 deaths a year were caused by conventional medicine. A Johns Hopkins study pegs the number at around 250,000 at present. And the number of deaths in the US national statistics for 2015-16 caused by natural medicines used by over 120 million clients/patients? ZIp, Zero, Nothing, Nada, Nichts, Niente! Go check for yourself.

TNHA - Unbelievable!. While at the same time the joint World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Codex Alimentarius Commission (a UN body) are attempting to restrict public access to safe, life-giving dietary supplements and natural health substances.


Decriminalizing Drugs WHO UN July 2017





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