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Big Pharma New Strategy - Monopoly over Health



12 July 2017 - Big Pharma New Strategy - Monopoly over Health


Big Pharma, otherwise known as the 'novel drug industry', is running out of time! Most of their blockbuster drugs are coming to the end of their patent protected lifespan, and hence they can't continue to fleece consumers and national treasuries with their arbitrary and extortionist prices for much longer.

This is why we are witnessing the pharmaceutical expropriation of the ever-growing traditional and natural health product industry via their revolving door or lackeys working in national medicines regulators.

They are implementing a dense thicket of global regulations designed to stifle the existing traditional and natural health product industry and allow them to jump the regulatory hurdles with ease. However, experience has shown us that they won't continue to sell high potency, efficacious products. They will sell cheap low potency synthetic vitamins and herbals with limited health benefit claims as a 'choice for consumers'.

This is not a choice, it's fake natural healthcare.

Another avenue Big Pharma are pursuing is by going back to medicinal plants and fungi through elaborate bio-prospecting schemes to develop new novel drugs. Drugs which they can synthesize from coal tar derivatives,

In many cases, they are stealing traditional knowledge from indigenous communities and not sharing benefits with them. Up until now Big Pharma and regulators have ostracized anything 'natural', proclaiming it to be voodoo science. Now they are actively expropriating the industry and patenting natural plant based molecules.

This is their new strategy to reboot their 60-year-old cartel's patent stranglehold and maintain their monopoly over health.





Big Pharma New Strategy on Health Monopoly



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