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Medical Misconduct

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Medical Misconduct


5 July 2017 - This is the kind of pissing contest in our modern medical system that leaves me cold to their version of ethics. This situation was initiated and perpetuated by pen-pushers and bean counters that do not have to sit and see the child die. How low has humanity sunk when the basic instinct of a parent to do everything possible to save their child is pompously usurped by a hospital, which promptly decided the child must die? Their farcical defense that their hands are tied by a court decision was brought on by the fact that the parents had to revert to the courts to save their child from this callous admin decision, and lost. This is very reminiscent of the child that was "kidnapped" from the hospital by the parents and taken to the Czech Republic for proton beam therapy which was unavailable in the UK, but could also not receive official pen-pusher permission for funding to do so in the Czech Republic, and became fugitives in the process. Ashya King is now cancer free and a strapping young boy still in need of therapy which, and you probably guessed it, the NHS refuses to provide. And this is the system that wants to dictate to, and legislate Complimentary and Alternative medicine practitioners? In the CAMs industry in general there are not shareholders for whom you must maximize profits, or bloody greedy pen-pushers that function outside of their human ethics to turn a profit at the cost of a child's life. But then this is the system that we have allowed to take over, and still allow to perpetrate these actions with our consent by keeping quiet.



Medical Misconduct UK System Charlie Gard












May 4 at 10:06am · 


This came as a bit of a shock.



Analysis Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US BMJ 2016; 353 doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.i2139 (Published 03 May 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;353:i2139 Article Related…






May 20 at 12:03pm 2016· 

Belgium prosecutors have confirmed that criminal charges have been laid, with two of the companies being identified as Sterop and Andacon. Seems that drug dealers are preferred customers. Banks have been nailed on several occasions for knowingly laundering drug money, the US government and agencies have admitted in court(http://archivo.eluniversal.com.mx/graficos/pdf14/guerra_secreta.pdf) and congress to assisting drug cartels when it suits their needs, and eve actively participated. Now pharmaceutical companies are getting in on the act.


Belgium's federal prosecutors are applying to have seven pharma executives put on trial on suspicion of supplying a key ingredient for making crystal meth to a Mexican…


Adverse Reactions - This video is highly informative and the proof of the facts easily accessible on the web. As more unpublished clinical trails are forced into the open through court cases, Access to Information Requests and in depth reviews, the corrupt nature and indiscriminate pursuit of profit and/or fame in the pharmaceutical trade and research is being exposed. After careful review of these studies and following up on documents lodged with the FDA for approval of drugs that either contradicts these studies, or provide more information as to the relevance of data, it was found that up to 53% of all published research is suspect, to such an extent that two highly acclaimed editors of medical journals have spoken out against practices like this. In the past two years several research scientists have been found guilty, jailed and fined for research fraud, and large mainstream pharma companies have either been convicted of and fined for criminal and civil transgressions, or settled out of court to keep things on the down low. And just last month a major supplier of generic medications, and another company specializing in doing clinical trails were caught massaging their data used for approval of drugs 
Excerpts from a talk presented on 26th November 2012 by Prof David Healy from the Institute of Psychological…
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