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2nd Hand Books for Sale

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From our Private Library we are making the following books available for purchase including Antique, Rare, Vintage and Out of Print Books. All genres. Not all books are listed on the online shop. Please contact us with your order.

  *SAPO shipping special only applicable to #Axhilirit and #RejuvinitBeauty Healing Oil Products

Shipping per weight, area, method, will be quoted on order*

**Free shipping option not applicable to books, please contact us for bulk order shipping. 

Contact 072 588 9090 for purchase of individual books not listed on shop.

Collections in Kleinmond or Cape Town per appointment. 

Current 2nd Hand Book List LINK as more books are added daily, email us for the newest list or visit the display adds under Photos/Albums at https://www.facebook.com/ChroniclesofHan/


Current book list updated 19.07.2017:


           100.00 Animal Stories A Rustle in the Grass Robin Howdon Collectors Item Excellent Condition
           100.00 Animal Stories The Runaways Victor Canning Collectors Item Excellent Condition
             40.00 Animal Stories The Fox and the Hound Disney Books Collectors Item Excellent Condition
             20.00 Animal Stories Lassie: Trouble at Panther's Lake Steve Frazee   Excellent Condition
           100.00 Animal Stories The Incredible Journey Sheila Burnford Collectors Item Excellent Condition
             50.00 Animal Stories A Cat Affair Derick Tangye   Excellent Condition
           100.00 Animal Stories Jock of the Bushfeld Percy Fitzpatrick Penguine Excellent Condition
             65.00 Animal Stories Born Free (Elsa the Lion) Joy Adamson   Excellent Condition
             65.00 Animal Stories Living Free (Elsa the Lion) Joy Adamson   Excellent Condition
             65.00 Animal Stories Forever Free (Elsa the Lion) Joy Adamson   Excellent Condition
           100.00 Animal Stories Animals by Air Neville Whittaker Collectors Item Excellent Condition


           200.00 Sport Sports Injuries: Selfhelp Guide Vivian Gisogono ISBN 0719541115 Good
             70.00 Sport Rock and Surf Fishing Charles Stewart isbn 0861011562 Good
           150.00 Art Image de'Alsace Ziethen Verlag Frnacaise Deutch English Excellent
             80.00 Collectors Calvin & Hobbs 10th Anniversary Bill Watterson isbn 0751515574 Good
             70.00 Collectors Calvin & Hobbs - The Days are Just Packed Bill Watterson isbn 075150761x Good
           120.00 Restoration 1911 Restoration Project - Poems of R Browning Oxford Edition   Gilded pages intact and in excellent condition, leather bound cover needs replacement
           120.00 Coffee Table Egypt Land of the Pharaohs (Lost Civilazations) Time Life Books isbn 0809498502 Excellent
             80.00 Coffee Table Voyage through the Universe: Stars Time Life Books isbn 0705410722 Excellent
           100.00 Art Remington Paintings and Sculpture Western Horseman Art isbn 0517093545 New
           250.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books The Kings of Eldorado Treasures of the World isbn 705410102 Excellent
           300.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books The Best of African Wildlife Photo Book isbn 186825450x Excellent, Collectors Item Value R850
           100.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books The Flesh-Eaters Vol 1 W T Miller isbn 360001661, 1972 Good, dust cover damaged, rare book value R280
             20.00 Wildlife The life of the elephant Bradley Smith   good 
             20.00 Wildlife The life of the hippo Bradley Smith   good
           100.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books Wilde Diere van Suid-Afrika Anthony Bannister isbn 0620074477 excellent, out of print, collectors item
           100.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books Wilde Diere van Suid-Afrika Anthony Bannister isbn 9780620084031 excellent, out of print, collectors item
           100.00 Rare Out of Print Antique Collectible Books Die Natuurwonder van Suid-Afrika   isbn 0620074477 excellent, rare book, collectors item
           230.00 Art The Decoupage Kit Belinda Ballantine isbn 0316640387 Excellent with original decoupage sheets, Book Value R450
             80.00 Coffee Table Cactus Country Time Life Books isbn 0705403823 excellent
             40.00 RSA Botanical Jaarplante vir die SA Tuin Murray Simpson isbn 0908379757 excellent
           100.00 Collectors Sotheby's Auction Catalog April 1990, Important SA British Continental Paintings and Drawings   Excellent
             55.00 Wildlife Whalewatcher Trevor Day isbn 9781770075146 excellent
           200.00 Collectors  West: Rare complete Panini Sticker Album Edizioni Modena   Good, slight water damage
             30.00 Collectors  Essential Australia AA Essentials isbn 0749509325 good 
             30.00 Collectors  Asterix and the Couldron     intact, some water damage
             30.00 Wildlife, Collectors Field Guide to the Antelope of South Africa Caltex Wildlife Handbook isbn 0949966134 good
             50.00 Coffee Table The Illustrated History of Early Mn John Hayward isbn 1858411467 excellent
           100.00 Gardening Gardening Basics Tafelberg isbn 062403643x  
             50.00 Gardening Basiese Messelwerk vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Tuin Andries van Wyk, Struik 1987 isbn 9-780869-773178 Good



             50.00 Cooking Ouma's Cookery Book Mrs Roy Hendrie 1976 Juta Good, Traditional RSA
           100.00 Vegan Cooking Zen Macrobiotic Cookery Michel Abehsera 1972 Traditional Zen and Oriental Cooking, Good
             80.00 Cooking French Cooking Alison Burt isbn 0907407439 Good
             50.00 Cooking Seasonal Menus Anette Human isbn 9780798138246 Good
           100.00 Cooking Supercook 1 & 2 Marshall Cavendish isbn 085685 5367/59 Good
           100.00 Cooking Good Cooking, Complete Handbook 1,2 Marshall Cavendish isbn 085685 4042/4050 Good
           150.00 Nutrition Eat Better Live Better, SA Guide to Nutrition Readers Digest isbn 0947008276 Good
           100.00 Cooking Simply Delicious Cooking Ron Kalennik isbn 2921171619 Good
           150.00 Nutrition SA Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery Sannie Smit / Margaret Fulton isbn 0869772589 Good, Traditional RSA
             80.00 Cooking Free from the Sea Don Nelson isbn 1868060853 Good
           100.00 Nutrition Healthy Eating Ted Smart isbn 009180549x Good
             80.00 Cooking The Seven Ingredient Cookbook Christa Welgemoed isbn 0798138513 Good, Out of Print
             20.00 Cooking Our First Cookbook  MTN isbn 9771028136019 Good
           150.00 Cooking Parties, Celebrations 7 Special Occasions Bridget Jones isbn 1873762313 Excellent
             50.00 Cooking The Christmas Cookbook Nanette Newman isbn 0600324249 Excellent
             20.00 cooking Book of Casseroles Norma McMillan  Pick'nPay isbn 0706419855 good
             20.00 cooking Book of Soups and Starters Caroline Ellwood Pick'nPay isbn 0706419863 good
             50.00 cooking Traditional Cookery of the Cape Malays Hilda Gerber 200 old Cape Recipes 1978 good
             30.00 cooking Buffets and Parties Cathay Books, 1986, isbn 0861783972 good
             20.00 Afrikaans Kookboek Pret met melk Daan Retief Uitgewers isbn 0909067767 good
             30.00 Afrikaans Kookboek Die Consol Leidraad, Die Plesier van Inmaak Consol   good
             50.00 cooking Make your own Cocktails David Biggs isbn 1770072373 good
             50.00 cooking Perfect cooking with Lamb and Pork Ebury Press isbn 0852234899 good
             30.00 cooking Defy Microwave Cookbook Tafelberg isbn 0624030598 good



             10.00 Childrens Indiana Jones: Meet Matt I cn read from Harper Collins isbn 9780007276806
              5.00 Childrens Adventures of Rupert Intact, well read Popular Press
              5.00 Childrens More Words Intact, well read Gold Medal Books
              5.00 Childrens Tom & Jerry / Pink Panther Intact, well read Purnell Shape Books
              5.00 Childrens Beauty and the Beast Intact, well read isbn 1557232520
              5.00 Childrens Pink Panther Behind Barrrs Good isbn 036106439x
              5.00 Childrens Willowbank: The Night Raiders Intact, well read  
              5.00 Childrens Classic Fairy Tales Intact, well read  
             10.00 Childrens The Bonfire Folk Good  
             25.00 Education The Amazing world of Animals Hamlyn isbn 0600568024
             10.00 Education Story of the Earth Stuart Malin Troll Associates, isbn 0816721351
             10.00 Education Story of the Universe David Huges Troll Associates, isbn 0816721297
             50.00 Education Prehistoric Man  Macdonald Living History isbn 0356063011
             10.00 Childrens Education How My Body Works: Vol 1: The Muscles    
             10.00 Childrens Education How My Body Works: Vol 4: Eating    
             10.00 Childrens Education How My Body Works: Vol 6: The Blood    
             10.00 Childrens Education How My Body Works: Vol 25: The Hormones    
             30.00 Childrens Novels Back to Malory Towers (Upper Fourth/In the Fifth/Last Term) isbn 060355061-4 Good
             35.00 Childrens Novels Fairy Tales of the World Gaalley Prress, isbn 0861367421 Good




           100.00 Angels Angel Magic Margaret Neylon ISBN 0007121334 2001, Very Good
           100.00 Astrology The New Astrologer Martin Seymour Smith isbn 361042310  
           150.00 Crystals The Crystal Bible Judy Hall ISBN 1841811750 2003, Good
           150.00 Crystals Gem Stones (Eyewitness Handbook) Cally Hall ISBN 0751310263 1994, Excellent
           100.00 Crystals Crystals: Illustrated Guide Judy Hall   Excellent
           150.00 Divination The Tarot Bible Sarah Bartlett ISBN 1841812984 2006, Excellent
             80.00 Divination The Secret of Foretelling Your Own Future Maurice Woodruff ISBN 0330027352 1969, Collectors Item
           100.00 Harmonizing The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui   isbn 1592573444 Excellent
           200.00 Numerology The Complete Book of Numerology David A Phillips, PhD ISBN 140190727x 2005, Hay House Publication, Excellent
           100.00 Spritual 2nd Fire - A fresh approach to healing Bruce Relly   New, Author Signed
           150.00 Spiritual The Indigo Children Lee Caroll - Jan Tober ISBN 1561706086 2003, Excellent
           100.00 Spiritual The Celestine Prophecy - An Adventure James Redfield ISBN 0553409026 1995, Good
           200.00 Spiritual The Chakra Handbook Shalila Sharmon  Bodo J Baginski ISBN 094152485x 2003, Excellent
           100.00 Spiritual An Open Heart The Dalai Lama ISBN 0340794313 2002, Good
           200.00 Spiritual Challenge Your Creator Within Pancras Schoonenberg Lulu id 1697290 2005, New, Author Signed
           150.00 Spiritual Ask your Guides Sonia Choquette ISBN 1401907873 2006, Excellent
           250.00 Spiritual Trust Your Vibes Book and Oracle Pack Sonia Choquette ISBN 1401902332 2007, Excellent
           200.00 Spiritual Sadana, The Inward Path Bhagavan Sri Saathya Sai Baba Sri Sathya Sai Books 1976, Collectors Item
           200.00 Spiritual Teachings of Sri Satya Sai Baba Bhagavan Sri Saathya Sai Baba Sri Sathya Sai Books 1973, Collectors Item
           150.00 Spiritual Calm and Clear Lama Mipham ISBN 091354602x 1973, Collectors Item
             25.00 Spiritual Karma and Reincarnation (Eckankar) Harold Klempt ISBN 9781570433276 2010, Like New


           100.00 Passion The Sensual Bath: Soaking in Pleasure & Passion Tamar Love   Like New


           125.00 Dogs Dogs (Eyewitness Handbook) David Alderton ISBN 0751310069 1993, Very Good
             75.00 Dogs Dogs Vida Adamoli isbn 0600574083 Excellent
           175.00 Dogs Purnell's Pictorial Encyclopedia of Dogs Michael Geary   Good
           175.00 Dogs The Ultimate Dog Book David Taylor isbn 086318443x Good
           100.00 Dogs The Complete Course in Dog Training Johnny Berguson Tapes Imported from USA
             20.00 Dogs Emma and I Sheila Hocken isbn 0722146124 Good, Biography
           150.00 Dogs The Complete Lhasa Apso Norman & Caroly Herbel isbn 0876052081 Excellent, no dust jacket, Rare book Price R312
             75.00 Cats Cats Tom Howard isbn 0600574075 Excellent
             50.00 Cats Cats: Illustrated Guide Dorothy Silkstone Richards isbn 086101162 Good
            65.00  Cats  Cats Cats Cats  John R Gilbert  Paul Hamlyn, London  Good, Intact, no dust cover, collectors item
           175.00 Horses Horses and Ponies on Small Areas Neil Dougall isbn 85131273x Excellent, Out of print/rare book value R350
             75.00 Horses Horse and Pony Care Iane Kidd isbn 0861013867 Good
           110.00 Horses Horses and Riding Kingfisher Factbook isbn 0862721709 Good
           100.00 Horses Are your horses trying Fred Rickaby 1967 Good, racing/enduaance
           150.00 Horses Feeding Your Horse and Pony Diana R Tuke isbn 0851314562 Good, Rare book value R350
           100.00 Horses The Horse at Grass BHS Stable Management isbn 0901366269 Excellent
           130.00 Horses Horses in Colour Cathay Books   Good
           150.00 Horses All Colour book of Horses Elizabeth Johnson isbn 086101297 Good, Collectible value R300
           175.00 Horses The Kingdom of the Horse Elwyn Hartley Edwards   Good, Collectible Value R280
           350.00 Horses The Noble Horse Bateman isbn 0908610556 Excellent, postnet option only due to weight, colour plates and expanding pages
           200.00 Horses The Complete Book of Horse Care Tim Hawcroft isbn 094711677x Excellent, MEDICAL BOOK
           300.00 Horses Saddles Russel H Beatie isbn 0851313655 Excellent, rare book Value R530
           175.00 Horses The Horse in Sport Steinkaus & Stoneridge isbn 1556700148 Excellent, collectible value R230
           450.00 Horses Prof. Beery’s Saddle Horse Training Original full course in pristine Condition, includes pulley bridle, postnet option only due to weight
           450.00 Horses Prof. Beery's Animal Breeding Course Original full course in pristine Condition, includes pulley bridle, postnet option only due to weight
           250.00 Horses In Search of Shergar Colin Turner isbn 0283990651 Excellent, rare book Value R500, Note: Biography of Racehorse Shergar and his disappearance
        1 350.00 Horses Horse Sense Magazines Full Set   Good condition
             75.00 Horses Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague Marrguerite Henry isbn 0001381210 excellent, no dust cover
           150.00 Horses The Horse Owners Essential Survival Guide   isbn 0715316494 excellent
             75.00 Horses Horsekeeping: Riding and Training Ray Saunders isbn 58495042x excellent, out of print
             75.00 Horses The Love of Ponies Octopus Books, 1975 isbn 0706404548 Good, no dust cover
           200.00 Horses The Ultimate Horse Book Elwyn Hartley Edwards isbn 0863186432 excellent


             75.00 Horses Riding the International Way (1) Peter Roberts Collectors Item, isbn 7182 0801 3 Good Condition


           150.00 Dogs Champion Dogs of the World Colonel Sir Richard Glyn Bart Collectors Item, Goege G Harrop Good, no dust cover


             50.00 Childrens Novels Pocomoto, Pony Express Rider, and the L'il Fella Rex Dixon Good, 1954 collectors item
             20.00 Childrens Novels The Lone Ranger and the Silver Bullet   Intact
             20.00 Childrens Novels Children of the New Forest Captain Marryat Good, 1983, isbn 0361057091
             40.00 Childrens Novels Hidden in a dream Monica Edwards Good, 1966, Collins press
             50.00 Childrens Novels The Dog Crusoe RM Ballantyne Good, 1970, Abbey Classics
             40.00 Childrens Novels White Fang Jack London Good, 1967, The New Windmill series
             20.00 Childrens Novels Black Beauty Anna Sewell, Wordsworth Classics Good, 1993, isbn 1-85326-109-2
             40.00 Childrens Novels The Brumby Mary Elwyn Patchett, Lutterworth Press Good, 1969, Hard Cover (school prize note/dust cover oil stained) Isbn 0 7188 0115 6
             40.00 Childrens Novels The White Colt David Rook, Corgi Good, 1967 isbn 552 08075 6
           100.00 Collectors Item War Dog Henry Treece 1962, Beaver, paperback isbn 0 600 39379 8, Collectors Value R180-R280, Condition - Good intact, front cover fold
             75.00 Collectors Item My Friend Foxy John Montgomery 1961, Piccolo, paperback isbn 0 330 02935 5, Condition Very Good
             50.00 Collectors Item Khazan: The Horse That Came Out of the Sea (Paperback) Joyce Stranger 1979, Corgi, paperback isbn 0 552 11014 0, Condition, Very Good
             75.00 Collectors Item Mavericks Jack Schaefer 1976, Corgi, paperback isbn, 0 552 10139 7, Condition Very Good
             75.00 Collectors Item The Pink Stallion Lucy Pinney 1989, Coronet, paperback isbn, 0-340-50240-1, Condition Very Good
             75.00 Collectors Item The Black Stallion Walter Farley 1980, Knight Books, paperback isbn 0 340 19687 4, Good Condition
             50.00 Collectors Item Best Horse Stories Juliet Smith 1971, Hard Cover isbn 0 571 09156 3, excellent condition


             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 1 Human Body
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 4 Space Exploration
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 4 Space Exploration
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 5 Transport
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 6 Industry and Engineering
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 7 Food and Farming 1
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 8 Food and Farming 2
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 11 The Animal Kingdom 1
             20.00 Education Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia Vol 17 The Solar System and Boyond
           180.00  for all      
             50.00 Education The Human Body (Understanding Computers) Time Life Books isbn 0705409317
           260.00 Education Fundamentals of Physics Part1-4 5th Edition 4 books  
             30.00 Textbooks Grade 10, Life Sciences, Study and Master Guide Cambridge  tel: 0725889090, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Action R 10.00 Death Merchant #62 Joseph Rosenberger Good A Mack Bolan Book ISBN 0-523-42090-0 
Biography R 15.00 Animal Days Desmond Morris Good Zoology ISBN 0 586 05363 8 
Biography R 20.00 Among the Elephants Ian & Oria Douglas Hamilton Excellent Africa Conservation BOOK NUMBER 0 00 634993 5 
Biography R 150.00 The Origin Irving Stone, Charles Darwin Good Collectible Value R300 - no dust jacket ISBN 0 304 30790 4 
Biography R 40.00 The Besieged Desert Mitch Reardon Good African ISBN 0-00-219440-6 
Biography, Collectible R 250.00 Use Enough Gun Robert Ruark Good Africa Safari - Hunting ISBN 552 08154 X Rare books Price R624 for hard cover
Psycological R 20.00 Toxic Parents D Susan Forward Excellent ISBN 0-553-28434-7 
History, Texas R 300.00 Lone Star T R Fehrenbach Good Collectible Value R750 - no dust jacker Library of Congress Ctalog Card Number: 68-25222 3rd Printing 1974 
Paranormal/Horror R 15.00 Dreamer Peter James Good ISBN 0-7474-0577-8 
Thriller R 25.00 Fanfare Andrew Macallan Good ISBN 1 86019 6454 
Thriller R 15.00 The Luxus AW Mykel Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-552-13871-1 
Thriller R 15.00 King of Diamonds Caolyn Terry Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-7221-8404-2 
Thriller R 15.00 A Different War Craig Thomas Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-7515-1809-3 
Thriller R 15.00 Firefox Down Craig Thomas Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-7221-8449-2 
Thriller R 30.00 Sea Leopard Craig Thomas Good ISBN 0-7221-8453-0 
Thriller R 15.00 Day of the Cheetah Dale Brown Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-425-12043-0 
Thriller R 20.00 Silver Tower Dale Brown Very Good ISBN 0-425-11529-1 
Thriller R 35.00 Sky Masters Dale Brown Good ISBN 0-586-20820-8 
Thriller R 35.00 Strike Force Dale Brown Excellent ISBN 978-0-00-724307-5 
Thriller R 30.00 The Tin Man Dale Brown Excellent ISBN 0-00-651180-5 
Thriller R 15.00 The Tin Man Dale Brown Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-00-651180-5 
Thriller R 15.00 Side-Wall David Graham Good Aircraft/boat adventure ISBN 0 330 26942 9 
Thriller R 5.00 The Tightope Men Desmond Bagley Acceptable, Used ISBN 0 00 613706 7 
Thriller R 20.00 Gray Eagles Duane Unkefer Good ISBN 0-380-70279-7 
Thriller R 40.00 What came before he shot her Elizabeth George Excellent Detective ISBN 978 0 340 93557 6 
Thriller R 25.00 Come to Grief Francis, Dick Excellent Racing ISBN 0-330-34777-2 
Thriller R 15.00 Decider Francis, Dick Good Racing ISBN 0 330 33568 5 
Thriller R 20.00 Driving Force Francis, Dick Acceptable, Used Racing ISBN 0 330 32951 0 
Thriller R 15.00 Hold Down a Shadow Geoffrey Jenkins Good ISBN 0-00-617638-0 
Thriller R 10.00 North Star Hammond Innes Good ISBN 0 00 614592 2 
Thriller R 20.00 Night Call Herbert Lieberman Good ISBN 0-09-932850-X 
Thriller R 15.00 WW III: World in Flames Ian Slater Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-449-14564-6 
Thriller R 20.00 Storm Dragon James Cobb Excellent ISBN 0-7472-5418-4 
Thriller R 20.00 Sabre James Follett Excellent ISBN 0-7493-2258-6 
Thriller R 25.00 Mean High Tide James Hall Good ISBN 0-7493-1749-3 
Thriller R 25.00 Terminal Event James Thayer Excellent ISBN 0-330-38981-5 
Thriller R 20.00 Cross-Fire JC Pollock Good ISBN 0-450-41382-9 
Thriller R 45.00 At All Costs John Gilstrap Excellent ISBN 0-14-027483-9 
Thriller R 30.00 The Mercy Rule John Lescroart Excellent ISBN 0-440-22282-6 
Thriller R 25.00 Krysalis John Trenhaile Excellent ISBN 0-00-617877-4 
Thriller R 30.00 The Eight Katherine Neville Good Hardcover, Large ISBN 0-7472-0113-7 
Thriller R 40.00 Red Phoenix Larry Bond Good ISBN 0-7088-4478-2 
Thriller R 30.00 Chance the Winds of Fortune Laurie McBain Excellent ISBN 0-7107-3003-9 
Thriller R 15.00 Moonstruck Madness Laurie McBain Good ISBN 0-7088-1348-8 
Robert Ludlum
Thriller R 20.00 The Parcifal Mosaic , Robert Ludlum Good ISBN 0-586-05276-3 
Thriller R 30.00 The Road to Omaha , Robert Ludlum Good ISBN 0-586-20761-9 
Thriller R 25.00 Trevayne Robert Ludlum, Good ISBN 0-586-20803-8 
Thriller R 20.00 Phantom Leader Mark Berent Good ISBN 0-515-10785-9 
Thriller R 30.00 The Caves of Perigord Martin Walker Excellent Historic ISBN 0-7434-3032-8 
Thriller R 30.00 The Miracle Strain Michael Cordy Excellent ISBN 0-552-15287-0 
Thriller R 30.00 The Venus Conspiracy Michael Cordy New ISBN 0-552-14883-0 
Thriller R 25.00 Free to Trade Michael Ridpath Excellent Economic - Hard Cover ISBN 0-434-00170-8 
Thriller R 35.00 The Marketmaker Michael Ridpath Good Economic ISBN 0-14-027177-5 
Thriller R 15.00 The Lions Game Nelson De Mille Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-446-60826-2 
Thriller R 35.00 Wild Fire Nelson De Mille Excellent ISBN 978-0-7515-3827-4 
Thriller R 10.00 Foxbat Peter Cave Acceptable, Used ISBN 0 7088 1368 2 
Thriller R 15.00 Winter Kills Richard Condon Acceptable, Used ISBN 1-85501-610-9 
Thriller R 15.00 Year of the Dragon Robert Daley Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-340-33031-7 
Thriller R 20.00 The Intruders Stephen Coonts Good ISBN 0-09-919871-1 
Thriller R 25.00 Force of Nature Stephen Solomita Excellent Hardcover, no dust jacket Macdonald, London 
Thriller R 25.00 Favourite Son Steve Sohmer Good ISBN 0-553-17493-2 
Thriller R 15.00 That Last Mountain Terence Strong Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-340-50708-X 
Thriller R 20.00 Net Force - State of War Tom Clancy Excellent ISBN 0-141-01140-8 
Thriller R 20.00 Politika Tom Clancy Good ISBN 0-14-027393-X 
Thriller R 15.00 The Russian Woman Tom Hyman Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-340-36651-6 
Western R 10.00 The Undertaker: No 1 Black as Death George G Gilman Good ISBN 0 450 05157 9 
Western R 10.00 The Undertaker: No 2 Destined to Die George G Gilman Good ISBN 0 450 05195 1 
Western R 10.00 The Undertaker: No 5 Back from the Dead George G Gilman Good ISBN 0-450-05491-8 
Western R 10.00 The Undertaker: No 6 Death in the Desert George G Gilman Good ISBN 0-450-05541-8 
Western R 10.00 The TRailsman: No 111 Blood Canyon Jon Sharpe Good ISBN 0-451-16920-4 
Reader's Digest R 15.00 Book of World Travel Reader's Digest Fair Hardcover, Large 
Reader's Digest R 5.00 Condensed version Reader's Digest Good One left 
Thriller R 35.00 Eagle Trap / The Buma Legacy Archer, Geoffrey Good Omnibus ISBN 0-09-191533-3 
Thriller R 50.00 Honour Among Thieves / Kane & Abel Archer, Jeffrey Excellent Omnibus ISBN 0 330 44089 6 
Thriller R 50.00 Twelve Red Herrings / First Among Equals Archer, Jeffrey Excellent Omnibus ISBN 0-330-43927-8 
Thriller R 15.00 Pursuit James Stewart Thayer Acceptable, Used ISBN 0-14-009323-0 
Thriller R 10.00 U-Boat L Bucheim Acceptable, Used Ocean War BOOK NUMBER 0 00 613903 5 



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