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Eczema Products for Pets - Axhilirit© Eczema Products for Pets




Axhilirit Eczema for Pets

The picture is of Princess Leia, one of our Weimaraner dogs that used to have eczema. This photo was taken during one of her weekly Axhilirit Eczema Oil baths. She hated getting her feet wet.












All Natural oils 


Enhanced with truly South African Baobab Oil


Our Axhilirit© E Moisturizing Products is suitable for:

  • Itchy and dry skin conditions
  • Skin eczema
  • Contact dermatitis caused by an allergen
  • Axhilirit© E Oil and Axhilirit© HO Ointment is suitable to use in skin creases
  • May improve conditioning of skin and healing where blood circulation has been compromised

natural plant oils, resin and essential oils


Precaution: Ÿ Healing Oil Products contain traces of Nuts Ÿ

NOT SUITABLE for pets with hyper-sensitive skin or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, including pine derivatives, tea tree oil, essential oils and NUT containing productsŸ

Do not use any REJUVINIT© containing products during Pregnancy Ÿ

Read the information on the products with care.

If in doubt, contact your healthcare practitioner Ÿ

Although the ingredients have been traditionally used for thousands of years and had been researched over many years by ourselves, results vary amongst users

If a sensitivity response is experienced or if no improvement is seen within 7 days, discontinue use of the products and consult with a healthcare practitioner Ÿ

Healing Oil Products are absorbed by the skin and do not interfere with the working of alternative therapies, including homeopathic or other natural remedies

Healing Oil Products are suitable for infants, children and pets as long as they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients or allergic to NUTS Ÿ

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Interaction with pharmaceutical chemicals has not been established. Please consult with a Healthcare Practitioner if in doubt, or when using chronic medication Ÿ

Organ Transplant Patients should not use Healing Oil Products Ÿ 

Allow at least 7-10 days between the last treatment of cortisone or steroid containing products before starting natural therapies or using natural products Ÿ

Results vary amongst users, depending on severity of the skin blemish. In general, drastic results are evident within the first four days. Thereafter, usually between one and three months for enhancement Ÿ

A very small percentage (approximately 2%) of clients does not respond to Healing Oil Products Ÿ

The use of essential oils during pregnancy is not advised.

Suitable for topical application. Not harmful if ingested.

2015 Axhilirit E eczema moisturizing Oil 20ml - Copy  2015 Axhilirit Ointment range - Web - Copy

The Axhilirit© HO Ointment makes an ideal wound covering for birds, chickens and ostridges. It soothes cancer on cat’s ears and can be applied sparingly to open wounds.

Axhilirit© HO Ointment can be used in skin folds of dogs like bulldogs where there is a constant 'wetness'.

Cat eczema treated with Axhilirit Eczema Oil



Canine Information Pamphlet

Dogs respond extremely well to Axhilirit© products.

Dogs with skin conditions such as eczema can be bathed in ten drops of Axhilirit© E moisturizing oil.

The Axhilirit© E oil can also be applied neat onto the affected areas (spot treat). Start with twice a day applications, toning down as the condition of the skin improves.

Continue with treatment for at least 7 days after the condition has cleared up to ensure that any underlying damage has been resolved.

If treatment with a cream based product is needed, either use Axhilirit© E Cream which has a very good spread rate, or mix 4-6 drops of Axhilirit© E oil into every teaspoon of Vitamin-E or Aqueous cream needed.

Do not premix the Axhilirit© E oil into the cream as it tends to separate creams into their base constituents, leaving the cream rancid and useless. Only mix on demand, as you need. Alternatively, use the Axhilirit© HO Ointment were the condition warrants a fatty ointment. 

Dogs LOVE Axhilirit© products so please hold them for a minute or two to allow the oil to draw into the skin before you release your pet.

Axhilirit© products are non-toxic and will do no harm if ingested or licked by pets.


Maintenance Care: Pets suffering from Eczema may need additional treatment or healing baths from time to time. Spot treat areas or add 5-10 drops of Axhilirit© Eczema Oil to rinse water. Healing Oil Products is absorbed by the skin through osmosis.


Eczema treatment in HORSE manes and tails:


Axhilirit Eczema Oil used to treat this Welsh Cob eczema in his mane



Success with Axhilirit Eczema - In 2004 I bought an Arabian gelding. It was soon evident that he had a skin problem in his mane and tail. Friends advised me to send blood samples to a person in Gauteng who prepares a serum in order to boost the animal’s immunity. A series of injections did not improve the condition. In the meantime the horse was rubbing these parts until the bare skin was visible. Then followed treatments, varying from natural oils, shampoos, insect repellents, to cortisone injections.  

Most of the advisors (meaning it well) suggested that biting midges (sweet-itch) could cause the itching and the resultant rubbing. 

At long last the horse was kept in an electrified enclosure to minimize the rubbing, but somehow he still found something to rub himself against. 

Eight years onward, in January 2013, I had a discussion (one of many) with my wife and she suggested the possibility of eczema. I then googled the word and the name of Healing-oil products appeared on the computer screen. I phoned Ronald Gibson and he advised me to try Axhilirit Eczema. I ordered a 10 ml bottle to give it a try. 

I used 5 drops in a 100 ml spray bottle. Within a week I noticed a dramatic improvement in the horse's condition and in April 2013 I exported my horse, sporting a beautiful mane and tail. 

A friend of mine mentioned a similar problem with his mare rubbing her tail the moment she enters her stable. I offered to give the problem a try with the remainder of the 10ml of oil. It took only a few days to clean up the problem with no sign of dandruff in the tail. 

Nico Nel, Robertson, South Africa 

Winner: Healing Oil Products FeelGood Feedback Competition, Tuesday, September 24, 2013



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The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. This traditional product has been in use for more than 150 years The relevant information has been compiled from 20+ years of personal experience and feedback from clients. Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. Discontinue product should you experience a sensitivity response. Buy online. PayPal Available. With clients in 35 countries, we ship World Wide. We sell mainly through Word-of-Mouth so tell a friend about us, Like us on Facebook or email us with your FeelGood story.



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