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Axhilirit© HO Ointment suitable for Burns, Fever Blisters, Chapped Skin

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Axhilirit© HO Ointment for a longer release period.  

Suitable for:


Fever Blisters

Chapped Lips, Hands, Feet



Nappy Rash


Anal Fissures, tears and cuts

Genital Warts and itch



Contains: Pharmaceutical Grade Petroleum Jelly,  Natural Plant Oil and resins


Axhilirit Ointment for burns

 Note: The following information has been compiled from 20 years of personal experience, feedback from qualified wound care professionals, extreme sport enthusiasts, adventurists and other clients.

Contact a healthcare practitioner immediately if symptoms worsen or persist.

Healing Oil Products may assist in the treatment of blemished skin conditions and due to its natural workings should not be considered a quick fix or a miracle cure.



Axhilirit© is an all natural product derived from plant oils. One small drop provides the full range of anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties for the accelerated care of all types of wounds, insuring that the body gets a natural kick-start to heal itself. The oil goes into action underneath a light coating or barrier that locks out further contamination. This results in the fast forming of scabs over open skin. (For faster healing, try not to remove the scab.)  

Axhilirit© is quickly and completely absorbed by the skin, allowing you to continue with your life. 

We have an extensive Adventure/Extreme Sport client base, ranging from Hikers and Adventure Guides in South Africa and South America to Endurance Riders in Mongolia. As a large percentage of our Axhilirit© clients live in (or travel to) inaccessible and rural areas where emergency treatment is unavailable or days away, we have been asked to compile a comprehensive information brochure on the use of Axhilirit© and Wound Care. Refer to “Wound Care – Emergency Management” guidelines in these cases.  

Axhilirit© does not replace the diagnosis or professional treatment of medical practitioners, but may be used in dire and emergency situations as first line treatment in applicable injuries or circumstances when there is no other help to be had. 


Healing Oil Products contain traces of Nuts. 

NOT SUITABLE for people with hyper-sensitive skin or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, including pine derivatives, Tea Tree Oil, Essential Oils and NUT containing products. 

Do not use any REJUVINIT© containing products during Pregnancy. 

Read the information on the products with care. If in doubt, contact your healthcare practitioner. 

Although the ingredients have been traditionally used for thousands of years and had been researched over many years by ourselves, results vary amongst users. If a sensitivity response is experienced or if no improvement is seen within 7 days, discontinue use of the products and consult with a healthcare practitioner.

Aromatherapy Oils are absorbed through the skin and do not interfere with the working of alternative therapies, including homeopathic or other natural remedies. 

Healing Oil Products are suitable for infants and children as long as they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients (pine derivatives, essential oils, tea tree oil) or allergic to NUTS. Keep out of reach of children. 

Interaction with pharmaceutical chemicals has not been established. Please consult with a Healthcare Practitioner if in doubt, or when using chronic medication. 

Organ Transplant Patients should not use Healing Oil Products as the oils may boost the immunity and thus negate the efficacy of immuno-suppressive drugs. 

Alternative therapies usually have a detoxification effect on the body. This means that any area that has had recent treatment with Cortisone or Steroid containing products will first be detoxified before the natural properties in alternative therapies start working on the actual damage of the skin. Allow at least 7-10 days between the last treatment of cortisone/steroid products before starting natural therapies or using natural products. 

Results vary amongst users, depending on severity of the skin blemish. In general, drastic results are evident within the first four days. Thereafter, usually between one and three months for enhancement. 

A very small percentage (approximately 2%) of clients does not respond to Healing Oil Products.  

The use of essential oils during pregnancy is not advisable. 




Axhilirit© may cause a burning sensation on open wounds. This is the body’s confirmation that there is infection present in the wound, and Axhilirit© is doing its function of disinfecting and cleaning the wound.  A single application is usually sufficient in scrapes and smaller wounds, whereas larger wounds may need repeated applications.




Items to keep in an emergency kit:n Cleaning agent: Saline Solution (1/2 teaspoon of salt to a litre of cooled, boiled water) n Tape or Plasters: Medical plasters or Masking tape (the paper kind doubles to hold bandages or gauze in place) n Gauze and Bandages n Axhilirit© Healing Oil n Axhilirit© Healing Ointment n Topical Antibiotic Powder (or cream)


Minor wounds and insect bites:Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment 2-3 times a day to help accelerate the healing process.


Major wounds:Clean the wound with the saline solution. Open the wounds and drip Axhilirit© Healing Oil into the opening so it covers as much of the inside of the wound as possible. If the wound is ragged, bring the edges together as far as possible before applying more Axhilirit© Healing Oil. Spread a thin layer of Axhilirit© Healing Ointment onto the gauze before applying to the wound. This will prevent the gauze from sticking. Tape or bandage the wound, while trying to keep the edges of skin together. This will minimize scarring. Try and keep the wound closed for at least 12 to 24 hours after the first treatment. If there is no infection evident by the second treatment, the wound may be left closed for another 24 hours after treatment. This will assist in the undisturbed forming of new cells. Repeat the process (soaking the wound with the saline if the gauze is stuck) until the wound is closed and can be left open. With deep wounds you aim to heal the flesh from the cellular level to the top to prevent scarring, so allow the oil to penetrate the wound as deeply as possible. Watch out for infection (red, swollen, warm flesh/skin) in which case Antibiotic Powder can be sprinkled onto the wounds before application of the Axhilirit© Healing Oil. Keep the wound covered with a bandage or plaster until the infection is under control. Keep on with the treatments until the wound is completely closed. If scarring should result, treat as for ‘scars’. 

Burn wounds: For serious burns, the above procedure can be followed, with Axhilirit© Oil initially applied 2-3 times per day. Sterilized bandages can be placed over the treated areas.  The Axhilirit© Healing Oil leaves a protective layer that helps to keep infection and foreign bodies from entering, simulating a ‘second’ skin. Deeper (third degree) burn areas may become weepy, keep on treating them with Axhilirit© Healing Oil until the burns are dried out. 

The Axhilirit© Healing Ointment can be applied over the Axhilirit© Healing Oil as a soothing and healing ointment. With burns, the body secretes plasma (yellow watery fluid) which assists the body to heal. This should not be seen as infection unless there is a foul smell that accompanies the fluid. If infection is suspected, dust Antibiotic powder over burns before applying the Axhilirit© Healing Oil. Continue with treatments as normal. Shedding of burnt / damaged/dead cells will be evident with most dressing changes and although distressing and painful, is the natural way the body heals after deep burns. Keep the burn survivor hydrated, as a lot of fluid is lost through the open skin. 

Bed Sores, Skin Ulcers, Slow Healing Wounds, Diabetic Sores: Axhilirit© has been found to heal previously problematic wounds in many clients. Some clients had skin ulcers for up to 25 years, or wounds that simply refused to close up and heal. Any open area larger than 4cm in diameter is considered large and might need a temporary bandage or plaster for comfort. Ulcers should be cleaned with a saline solution to protect new skin growth. Gently pat the area dry after rinsing and apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil 2-3 times a day until the ulcer has closed and new skin has formed. As Axhilirit© encourages blood flow and simulates a temporary skin, there should be minimum formation of granulation of flesh (keloids). The body might secrete plasma (yellow watery fluid) to assist in the healing process. This is a natural healing process and should not be seen as infection unless there is a foul smell that accompanies the fluid. If infection is suspected, dust Antibiotic powder over the wound before applying the Axhilirit© Healing Oil. Consult with a healthcare practitioner as anti-biotics might be needed. Continue with treatments as normal until wound is completely closed. 

Abrasions, small nicks and cuts: Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment to the abrasion/cut. If you have no method of cleaning the abrasion, apply the Axhilirit© directly. Apply Axhilirit© 2-3 times per day until healed.Always keep a handy supply in the kitchen, the bathroom, the car, handbag, pocket, etc. The Axhilirit© blend of oils has been found to tolerate higher temperatures well although the ideal is to keep it at room temperature. 

Animal scratches and bites: Always be extremely careful for infection with scratches (especially from cats). Be on the lookout for any sign of a fever that might indicate a problem and immediately consult a healthcare practitioner. With surface scratches, or if help cannot be had immediately with deeper wounds, use Axhilirit© to disinfect the wounds on site.  With bite-wounds and deep scratches, consult a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.  Adhere to the advice of the healthcare practitioner. Apply Axhilirit© 2-3 times per day to encourage the wounds to heal faster. 

Deep Cuts and Knife-wounds: Consult your nearest emergency facility as soon as possible. Axhilirit© Healing Oil may be applied 2-3 times per day to assist in healing the wound after your return from the hospital/emergency facility. 

Rusted wire (barb-wire) scratches: Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil as soon as possible. One or two applications are usually sufficient to help heal the scratch without a problem. If the skin leaves a scar, treat as for scars. For deeper scratches Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil 2-3 times per day until healed. 

Post Operative Care:Axhilirit© may be used to help accelerate the healing and reduce swelling after an invasive operation. The Oil should be applied on the area surrounding the wound and not directly onto the stitches as it may assist the skin to close faster than usual and adhere to the stitches. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment directly to wound area after the removal of stitches to reduce scarring. If scarring results, treat as for scars. 


Kitchen/Bathroom scalds and small burns (no bigger than a R5-00 coin):Cool burnt area with cold water. Apply a drop of Axhilirit© Healing Oil directly to the area. The burning sensation may persist for a while longer. Repeat treatment if necessary. If no water is on hand, immediately treat burnt area with Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment. 

Sunburn: If only burnt red and no blistering is evident, apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment directly to burnt areas. The damaged skin may still going to be shed by the body. Consult a doctor if blistering is evident. This may indicate second degree damage. 

Bigger and Serious Burns: All burns on infants, any burn deeper than sunburn, all burns larger than a R5-00 coin, and any burns in the face, on the hands and feet and in the private part area, is a serious burn. Contact your nearest emergency facility immediately! Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil and Ointmentto assist in recuperation after returning from the emergency facility. Refer to WOUND CARE -EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT - burn section, for treatment guide. 

How to manage a burn emergency: Remove the injured person from the source of the injury, e.g. remove smouldering clothing. In the case of an electric burn, switch off the main electricity first. Immerse the burn in cold water. Irrigate chemical burns with plenty of water. In the case of an electrical burn, check the injured person’s circulation and respiration. Apply a dry dressing. NEVER use honey, butter or cotton wool. Contact your nearest emergency facility.  

Burn Chart:First Degree or Superficial: Red skin with no blisters (e.g. sunburn).  Second Degree or Partial thickness: The skin is red or mottled, with blisters.  Third Degree or Full thickness: The skin is white or charred, leathery to the touch, and mostly painless. Inhalation Burns: Flame inhalation injures the upper airways. Toxic gases (e.g. burning plastic) damage the lungs lower down and the alveoli. Signs of inhalation burns: person was trapped in a burning enclosure, fire burns of the face or mouth, breathing difficulties, black particles in the spit. 


Acne, pimples, infected zits: Apply a drop of Axhilirit© Healing Oil into problem area until healed. For long term results use Rejuvinit© Beauty Oil which is specially combined to target the more sensitive areas in the human body and assists in the balance of hormones.

Anal Tears, Fissures and Cuts / Medicated Intercourse Lubricant:  Apply Axhilirit© HO Healing Ointment to desired area as needed. Lubricates, soothes and heals. 

Arthritis, Joint Pains, Muscle Aches, Chilblains (Winter's Tone & Vingers):Use Axhilirit© Healing Oil as a gentle massage oil to alleviate arthritis, muscle aches, joint pains and chilblains. Clients have found that they start having mobility in their arthritic joints after just a few applications of Axhilirit© Healing Oil. For best results, treat area at least twice a day. Some clients combine their Axhilirit© Healing Oil treatments with a thin layer of Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balm, especially at night to soothe aches. 

Athlete’s Foot:Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil neat and massage into affected areas 1-2 times a day. The area might display a pink/red discolouration due to increased blood flow to the area. Continue treatment for at least 7-10 days after condition has cleared up. Disinfect shoes with an antifungal agent. 

Bed Sores, Diabetic Sores, Slow Healing Wounds, Deep Skin Ulcers, Severe Tissue Damage, Deep Gashes:Axhilirit© Healing Oil may be applied twice a day directly into the wound. The oil leaves a protective barrier, accelerating natural tissue growth. A plaster or bandage may be applied over the oil. Refer to WOUND CARE -EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – Major Wound section, for treatment guide. 

Blisters (Hiking):Do not drain the blisters. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil to blisters 2-4 times a day until the blister dries out by itself. New skin regenerates under the blister and the blistered skin will shed when ready. Usual time for an Axhilirit© treated blister to be healed is 24-48 hours. Tip from other Hikers: Rub 3-6 drops of Axhilirit© Healing Oil into tired feet, to reduce swelling and toughen up the skin. Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel and Balm have also been used with amazing results for tired feet.     

Boils:Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil twice a day to rupture the boil quickly and accelerate the healing process. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil 2-3 times per day until healed. Boil should heal without the distinctive purple discoloration. 

Detox:Place 10 drops in your bath for a total body detox or 6 drops into a foot spa. It has been found by clients that regular detox baths (2-3 times per week) helps in maintaining a healthier environment within their households.  

Gout, Bruises, Sprains:Gently massage Axhilirit© Healing Oil into affected area. Helps improve blood flow to damaged tissue, resulting in accelerated wound healing. Alternatively, apply Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balmimmediately to bruises and sprains. Amazing results have been noted by clients using this combination treatment. 

Ear Ache:Sore ears may be treated with Axhilirit© Healing Oil by inserting cotton wool into the ear canal with two or three drops of oil on it. The Axhilirit© vapours will help to alleviate the ear ache. Gently massage a drop of Axhilirit© Healing Oil or some Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balm into the bony area at the back of the ear. If the condition persists for more than 12 hours, contact your healthcare practitioner. 

Eczema, Dry Skin, Itchy Skin Conditions:For almost immediate relief, apply Axhilirit© ECZEMA Oil or Cream on affected areas at least twice a day. Axhilirit© ECZEMA Oil can be used as a moisturizing bath oil by adding 5-10 drops to bathwater. For wet or weeping eczema, apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil directly on affected areas. Use Axhilirit© ECZEMA Oil when the area has dried out or has stopped weeping. 

Fever Blisters, Chapped Skin (lips, hands, heels), Calluses:For almost instant relief from fever blisters, use Axhilirit© Healing Ointment for a longer release effect. Apply 2-4 times per day. Clients have noted that with regular use of the Axhilirit© Healing Ointment, they usually do not have another fever blister occurring. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Ointment to chapped skin and calluses to soften and soothe the affected area. 

Insect Bites, Mosquito, Flea, Bedbug, (Common household insects): Apply a drop of Axhilirit© Healing or Eczema Oil to affected area. Apply Axhilirit© 2-3 times per day until healed. 

Genital Warts:Apply Axhilirit© Healing Ointment twice a day to affected area. Continue treatment for at least 7-10 days after symptoms disappear. 

Haemorrhoids: Apply Axhilirit© Ointment 2-3 times a day to affected area. Continue treatment until symptoms disappear. If no relief is found within 24 hours, consult with a healthcare practitioner. 

Moles (Moesies): Some clients have found it beneficial to apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil orOintment to moles. This has helped to retract the mole into the body, or expunge it completely. Time of treatment and results varies, but approximately 70% of clients have stated that their moles generally became spongy, fell off or disappeared within a month of two with application of an Axhilirit© product twice a day. If the mole seems nasty or you suspect something more sinister, consult with a healthcare practitioner. Some clients have found Rejuvinit© to be beneficial while treating suspect moles and skin lesions. 

Mouth Hygiene, Mouth Ulcers, Sore Throat: For overall care brush your teeth with a solution of Axhilirit© Healing Oil by adding 1-2 drops to a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with the above solution when experiencing mouth ulcers or damaged gums, or gargle for a sore throat. Alternatively apply a drop of oil to the affected area. A temporary numbness may result when used undiluted. If no relief is found within 24 hours, consult with a healthcare practitioner. 

Muscle fatigue (extensive/severe exercise): Our Endurance/Adventure/Extreme Sports Clients use Axhilirit© Healing Oil as a muscle rub on fatigued muscles. Alternatively, bath in 10-20 drops of Axhilirit© to relax and rejuvenate fatigued muscles or apply Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balm to overexerted and painful muscles.   

Nappy Rash: Massage a drop of Axhilirit© Healing Oil gently into baby’s bottom before applying his regular barrier cream/lotion, or use Axhilirit© Healing Ointment for an instant soothing barrier. If no relief is found within 24 hours, consult with a healthcare practitioner. 

Rashes, Nettle Burns: Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil to affected area as often as necessary. If the condition persists, contact a healthcare practitioner. 

Ringworm: Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil followed by a layer of Axhilirit©Healing Ointment 2-3 times a day to affected area. Continue treatment for at least 7-10 days after symptoms have disappeared. 

Sinus, Tight chests, Coughs, Colds:Use Axhilirit© Healing Oil as a chest rub to alleviate symptoms of colds and flu. Alleviate sinus with a drop of Axhilirit© Healing Oil massaged between the eyes, over the bridge of the nose and across the cheek bones. Axhilirit© Healing Ointment may be applied to the inside of the nostrils until symptoms have cleared up. Alternatively, use Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel and Balm. The specific formula is traditionally used in the Asian communities to help alleviate these symptoms. New tip from customers – it works! Apply Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balmto the soles of your feet before bed time to alleviate above symptoms. 

Shingles (Gordelroos):Shingles is a viral infection. Some clients have successfully treated Shingles with Axhilirit© Healing Oil but most clients suffering from Shingles found that the Axhilirit© Eczema Oil gives almost immediate relief from the itching as well as moisturizing the affected area. Continue treatment for at least 14 days after symptoms have cleared up. This enables the body to address any underlying damage. 

Skin Tags (Muistepels): Some clients have found it beneficial to apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil or Ointment to skin tags. This has helped to dry out the piece of extra skin, enabling the tag to simply fall off or to be rubbed off. Time of treatment and results varies depending on age, size of skin tag and skin-type, but approximately 70% of clients have stated unexpected and satisfying results within a month or two with application of an Axhilirit© containing product twice a day. 

Smelly, Stinky Feet:Some clients have found it beneficial to apply a drop or two of Axhilirit© Healing Oil to the soles of their feet before putting on shoes. Some even put Axhilirit© Healing Oil inside the shoes to alleviate and prevent smelly feet. It might be worth a try. Some feedback would be appreciated. 

Spider bites: Axhilirit© Healing Oil had shown success with the bites of spiders including Funnel Spiders (Viooltjie Spinnekop). Open the bite-wound and squeeze out as much as possible of the rotting puss. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil into the opening, making sure you coat the inside of the cavity. Repeat treatment if the puss persists. Apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil 2-3 times per day until healed. Be on the lookout for any sign of a fever that might indicate a problem and immediately consult a healthcare practitioner. 

Tooth Ache and Facial Swelling: Gently massage Axhilirit© Healing Oil into the skin above the gum-line / on the swelling, and/or apply a drop of oil directly to the affected tooth. If condition persists, consult a healthcare practitioner. 

Varicose veins:Gently massage Axhilirit© Healing Oil in an upwards motion (from feet to heart) to relieve pain and swelling. Alternatively use Axhilirit© Pain Therapy Gel or Balm. 

Warts (Vratte): Some clients have found it beneficial to apply Axhilirit© Healing Oil to warts. Approximately 70% of clients have stated that their warts either shrunk, disappeared or climbed out of their bodies within 2-3 weeks of dedicated application of Axhilirit© Healing Oiltwice a day. If the warts do not respond to treatment within 3 weeks of application, it is not going to respond to Axhilirit© and an alternative route will have to be explored.

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The above is based on the personal opinion of the writer. This traditional product has been in use for more than 150 years. The relevant information has been compiled from 23 years of personal experience and feedback from clients.

Contact a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. Discontinue product should you experience a sensitivity response.



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