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Skin Discoloration, Sun Damage





Client Feedback, Comments and Reviews on  Rejuvinit© Products used for Skin Discoloration and Sun Damage



 1 - Rejuvinit Beauty Oil Best for Skin Discolouration Roma Paulsen George


00 - Axhilirit Rejuvinit positive feedback for skin discolouration and eczema




Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing Cream

Hi Ronald, Back from my trek up Africa and badly in need of your moisturizer. Is there a retail outlet in Hermanus or can you drop off for me at the old Hubbard's Cupboard, now Romantiques? Kind regards, C v Hoogstraten, received via email 10 September 2012



Rejuvinit Cream:

Many, many thanks to you for my Gift received April 15th for my birthday. I have been using the cream and I am starting to see results! You have amazing products. All the best to you!
Bronwyn V D Westhuizen, Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless



Rejuvinit Oil:

Adri Wernich Kleinmond Agent for Axhilirit and Rejuvinit Healing Oil Products Adri Ferreira-Wernich

Hi julle, dis nou amper 2 jaar vandat ek ophou naels doen het en my hande is nog net so "wit" soos laas. Ek is so spyt ek het nie my arms ook ingesmeer met die Rejuvinit olie nie, want dan sou al die sonvlekke nou beter gelyk het. Dis selfs amazing in die sin dat ek nou meer tyd in die son spandeer en dit bly "wit". Julle olie is werklik amazing !!

Translation: Hi, almost 2 years since stopped doing nails and my hands are still ‘white’. I’m so sorry that I had not treated my arms at the same time, because then the sun damage would have been looking better as well. Rejuvinit is amazing in the sense that I am spending more time in the sun and my hands stay ‘white’. Your oils are truly amazing!



Mail from Australia : I call your oil “Angel Juice” as it is really stunning. A friend of mine is coming over from Australia and I need you to send 10 bottles of Rejuvinit and 5 bottles of Axhilirit back with her. Mail No 2: Your Angel Juice is amazing. On my Facebook photos you will see the difference that your oil has made in two months. My son’s acne has also cleared up. When it flares up again the condition is much better after only one application.My husband applies it to his bald head and he now has fine hairs starting to grow. His warts are also almost gone. A friend of mine that has eczema also has had amazing results.

Michelle – Australia



Rejuvinit & Gold

I had been using Rejuvinit and Rejuninit Gold on and off for almost 18months and have now stopped using it after obtaining the desired results. I just want to thank Healing Oil Products for a wonderful product that ensures lasting results. The texture of my skin remains unchanged, no age spots or old sun damage has returned and the wrinkles that I used to have are still not noticeable.

Iane, George, 11March2011, (Age Bracket: 55+)


Rejuvinit Oil

A friend came to visit and stated that I looked exactly as I did five years ago. It felt soooo good not to have aged. Thank you Rejuvinit.

Adri, Western Cape, Mar 2011


Rejuvinit Cream for Sun Damage

For the first time in life I’ve found a cream that really works. The sun damage on my hands is quite severe and I started treatment with 60mls of Rejuvinit cream a month. Two months later, I’m only using one 30ml pot and the improvement to my skin is phenomenal.

Maureen, Plettenberg Bay, Feb 2011, (Age bracket: 60+)

Rejuvinit Cream

Thank you so much for this product, it saves me time!

Kimberley Welch, via email, 6 January 2012


I cannot believe it! Rejuvinit sorted out my skin and my HOT FLUSHES after only 30 days of use!

Hermien, Sedgefield, Mar 2011, (Age Bracket: 45+)


Rejuvinit Oil and Cream

I visited Hermanus in November and bought Rejuvinit Oil and Cream. Now I would like to have more of it. Is it possible for me who lives in Sweden to buy your products and have them sent here?
Best regards,


Rejuvinit Oil

I have twisted the owners of Healing Oil Products’ arms to specially supply me with 20ml packaging of Rejuvinit. I am overjoyed to see that it has now become a standard stock item. See, it is not what you know but WHO you know, hehe. Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, 2010

Skin Discoloration
I applied Axhilirit and later Rejuvinit to skin blemishes on my face. The marks have almost totally disappeared and my skin looks younger and more radiant. My sister suffered from sores on the skin caused by Lupus and was hospitalised. I applied Axhilirit when her condition did not improve. The sores healed and my sister was discharged.
Roma Paulsen, George



Sun Damage

Adri Wernich Kleinmond Agent for Axhilirit and Rejuvinit Healing Oil Products  I own a nail bar and had extensive sun damage to my hands and arms. I became a stockist of  Healing Oil Products so as to provide a more complete service to my clients. I started massaging Rejuvinit oil into the hands of my clients to finish off my treatments to help the skin tone and condition of their hands. I found that the oil applied to my hands for these massages caused the sun damage on my hands to fade. I then started applying the oil to my fore arms with the same result.

Seeing what the Rejuvinit was doing for my hands, I enquired at Healing Oil Products as to the possibility of developing a nail oil to help with problem nails i.e. fungus. They were very accommodating, and shortly thereafter a nail oil was developed that has helped many of my clients.

Adri Wernich, Kleinmond, 2010



Hi, wou net laat weet, EK IS BAIE IMPRESSED! Weet nie of jy my onthou, het Saterdag die Rejuvinit oil by jou gekoop in Somerset Wes. . . kan klaar verskil sien, wag nou vir die nuwe room . . . groete Linda, Somerset Wes, Cape Town

07.06.2010, 18h05




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